Mar 24, 2014

New Stuff from Maybelline - Lashionista mascara & Lip Polish

If you walk into any drugstore (wow...I'm becoming so American these days), you will notice there are a few new products line up on Maybelline section. These are the products:

1. Lashionista Mascara

It claims to give:
1. Endless length
2. Uplifted lashes
3. Flawless, no clumps
4. 24hr Smudge-proof

From my personal experience with this mascara, it is a mascara that gives volume more than length. I like the fiber formula, it makes removing process very easy and smudge-proof. However, the wand failed me. I'm more of a Rocket girl. I like straight wand. 

2. Lip Polish

What it claims:
Apparently it is a hybrid between lipbalm, lipgloss and lipstick. It has all the benefits of the three products. It comes in 10 different shades.

The shade I have here is called Glam 4. All of the Lip Polish comes with doe-foot applicator with zig-zagging texture. I personally think that lipbalm-lipgloss-lipstick hybrid tagline is a bit overrated. It is just a creamier version of lipgloss with high opacity. A lot of brands already came up with this kind of formulation lipgloss, I think it is nothing new. 

However, as a product by itself is pretty good. Imagine it as a non-sticky lipgloss that gives high opacity. The quality is on par with high end brand products. For the price you pay, there's really nothing much to complain about.

Both the Lashionista and Lip Polish are available at all Maybelline sales point. The Lashionista priced at RM35.80 and Lip Polish priced at RM32.80 at Watsons.


LauraLeia said...

Been seeing these 2 products everytime I walk into Watsons. Unfortunately, I'm not a mascara gal, and the testers on those lip polish (gross and sticky, eww!) really put me off even trying them on my arm, lol.
Both the products look good on you though, especially the lip polish. Very natural looking :D

Jerine said...

@Laura: I think the color ok only lah. I prefer brighter color on my like orange or coral.