Mar 30, 2014

[Weekend Edition] Little Space at Home

From now onwards (in fact for a few months already), I will change my middle name to "thrifty". I will make sure I don't spend more than RM20 for a meal, I won't buy anything else other than food, gas, and really basic necessities. Because.............. I'm saving everything to get a new house!

I had this sudden wakeup call when I have to move out of my rented place because the owner sold the house. The owner of the place is actually a company of three bosses. Technically I have 3 landlords. Some problem happen to the company and now they want to dissolve it and each of them wants to take back their own share. Suddenly I'm the victim here. I've been staying there for the past 2 years and begin to get really comfortable with everything. It sucks having to move because I'm too busy to start all over again.

I'm not too sure which property I want to get. But I've did the calculation. A monthly installment of about RM2k can get me a property worth about RM400k. I'm eyeing on the project behind my office in Damansara because I can just walk to work anytime of the day. Or maybe a project in Subang that is near Empire Gallery. Can you imagine.... All these while the money that I spent on handbags, shoes, clothes, makeups can actually get me a proper house to stay!

From now onwards, most of my weekend post would be on home interior, house decor and home related stuff. Although I haven't find the property yet, I already have the mental image of how the interior of my home is like.

I won't go for anything that looks like an Ikea showroom. And I won't hire interior designer to help me with it. I want it to be something of my own taste. A mismatch of everything with characters. There won't be any specific theme to the design of the interior, but I will have little corners with a certain theme. I hope I make sense.

By the window, I want a small space for an arm chair and coffee table so I can sit there for my reading time. What I have in mind is something like this:

Ideally, I want a similar armchair that Victoria Grayson has in the drama Revenge. It looks like this:

If you happen to know where I can get fabric like that and a customize service for armchair, do let me know.

For the side table, I want a simple round table that is enough for a table lamp, a few stacked books, a small pot of flower arrangement and a candle. The main piece for the table is the stacked books. Not only it is practical (because you can read it), it is also a great idea for display. Do judge a book by its side cover, it can make a pretty decor.

I will call it my relax corner, where I can spend an hour every night to unwind. I get so excited when I'm blogging this because in my mind, I can see it happening.

Well, to help me achieve this little dream of mine, please support this blog by visiting more often, sharing my posts if you think it is useful for others, support my ads and also support Fashion Culture Box. I will think of something to repay you all. A house warming party, perhaps?


Constance Ant said...

getting a house sounded like a grown-up thing! *gulp*

*living in denial* LOL

i wish you sam siong si seng! fast fast save enough money to get a house!

remember to invite me to your house warming ar XD

Unknown said...

arrrrh nowadays house is so so so expensive and overvalued. anyway gambate on your saving. better still ask help from parent for the deposit to buy your dream house quick. Since i believe developer will increase the price again due to GST imposed on next year.

Swee San said...

Good luck!

Jerine said...

Thank you all! Will invite you all to my housewarming if it happens.