Apr 18, 2014

1 Second 3D Nail Art with Bloop Nail It! Paris Passion

As if the 1 minute Bloop nail sticker is not convenient enough... Now Bloop came up with new product, which is Instant Nail Art (Artificial Nails), easier to apply than the nail sticker. Since I'm so busy lately and don't have the time to fix my manicure, these instant nail art is super handy.

The product is inspired by the glam touch from fashion cities around the world. The one that caught my eye was the Paris Passion. I personally think this design is more of a Japanese Harajuku kawaii style instead of Paris. Nonetheless, it is very feminine, glamorous and eye-catching.

Today I'm going to show you a tutorial on how to put on these artificial nails. I have a lot of back-to-back meetings and events to attend, I don't have a minute to slip into my schedule for manicure. At the same time, I really want a presentable nails, so I fixed the instant nail art while I'm on the road. Bear in mind, this is not an ordinary tutorial. More specifically, this tutorial is on how to put on artificial nails, while you're driving!

Step 1: Before driving, pull out the tray of nails from the packaging. The package comes with 24 acrylic nails and a sheet of nail double sided tape. The nails are pre-fixed with glue, so the double sided tape are just extra just in case you want to apply more than once. I really appreciate it comes with double sided tape. It is much safer than nail glue. Remember the case where nail glue rotted a girl's nails? Bloop did their research well, and the double sided nail tape is 100% safe for use.

Step 2: Choose 10 nails that fit your nail sizes and put it on your lap. I choose all the plain ones, and a few designed ones for accent nails. You can start driving after that...

Step 3: While cruising on straight road or while you are stagnant during red lights, put on the nails and press on each of it about 10 seconds. And voila!!!

Step 4 (optional): Camwhore with the pretty nails while stopping at the next red traffic light.

Just kidding... The nails are so pretty!!! I admit it's not as comfortable as normal flat manicure. The 3D diamontes are quite bulky, but if you're used to having 3D nail art, it won't bother you that much. The glue strength is really strong. It survives the entire day without coming off. It surprised me because my car is pretty heavy and requires a lot of effort to steer the wheel (imagine a 4WD with no steering power), even that the nails were intact the whole time.

It calms my heart when stuck in traffic jam by just looking at the pretty nails... I really can't stop looking at it. It's sooooooo kawaii. It would be better if I brought my nail file along to buff the edges of the nail.

This is the last photo, I promise...

This Instant Nail Art from Bloop is god-sent! It is super convenient for busy people like me. If I can apply it while behind the wheels, you can definitely apply it anywhere and anytime you like. The price is RM68. You can get it at Bloop's counter or from their online store.

P/S: I don't encourage you all to fix your nails while driving. Drive responsibly and drive safe. Since it takes so little time to fix, you can do it at home.


Princess Neverland said...

They're really pretty! And fixing nails while driving can be dangerous so...do it at home next time okay?

Jerine said...

@Princess Neverland: Haha.. OK boss!

cindy said...

it's pretty but I think if the jewel are in sticker form it will be better..I don't like artificial nails...

LauraLeia said...

They're really pretty (and you are too! very Audrey Hepburn vibe going on there, hehe)
Maybe can suggest to Bloop to include a mini file so file the edges like the nail stickers. XD