Apr 28, 2014

Fashion Culture Box April 2014 Operation Occupation Unboxing

If you haven't heard of Fashion Culture Box, it is a monthly fashion subscription box in Malaysia. Each month you can choose from the 3 styling themes, then subscribe to your favorite theme and at the end of the month, you will receive a box filled with fashion and beauty items for you to experiment with.

Anyone interested to take a peek inside this month's Fashion Culture Box? I have all 3 themes here to unbox - The Working Girl, Campus Chic and Socialite. 

It's awesome to be part of the Operation Occupation fashion box this month, and again thank you for your support. In FCZine this month, we have increased the number of pages and added a little more content!

For one, check out our exclusive interview with a socialite with many skills, none other than LengYein. 

Another one of my favourites is the list of handbag terminologies on page 10. Which is your favourite? 

Do also check out my little tutorial on how to use a sock bun (found in The Working Girl box). Don't fret if you've got shorter hair as my way of using it is great for short to middle length. 

Till next issue, have fun! (Editor's note)

Let's dig in to the Working Girl box...

1. Dentiste' Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste
2. Bloop Germ Blaster
3. Sleeve Leather Cuff
4. Prim 'N Proper Sock Bun
5. Lunch Break Wristlet
6. Suit-Em-Up Belt

I think of all the styling themes this month, the Working Girl box is the most practical for me. The Lunch Break Wristlet; as the name suggested; is very convenient for me when I'm on the go. Just pop in some cash, ID and phone and I'm ready to go out for a short trip. I've also been using the Prim 'N Proper Sock Bun a lot. My hair is getting really messy as it grows longer, so it's quite handy to have this bun. Lastly, the Sleeve Leather Cuff is my most favorite item in this box. I love its sleek and edgy look.

The Campus Chic box is really a spot-on with the theme. It has a lot of bright color, it looks fun and all the items in it are campus friendly...

1. Dottie Purse
2. The Blair Hairband
3. Dentiste' Plus White Oral Rinse
4. Bloop Germ Blaster
5. Serena Short Candy Necklace
6. Mix 'N Unmatch Ear Studs

I love everything in this box. Although I don't see myself wearing the necklace often, but the color is just so pretty. And I'm making the Dotti Purse as my everyday wallet. The most exciting item in this box is the Mix 'N Unmatch Ear Studs. There are 6 ear studs in the set and all the 6 studs are different.

Last but not least, the Socialite box, which I think is a little too bling for me...

1. Dazzle with Sparkle Clutch
2. Bloop Germ Blaster
3. Solitaire Earrings
4. Tiered Diamante Necklace
5. Audrey Diamante Bracelet
6. Dentiste' Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste

I love the Solitaire Earrings a lot. It's a solitaire ring, I think the shape is so quirky. The Dazzle with Sparkle Clutch is also pretty. I love the color combination of white and gold. It looks really luxurious.

Like every month, the Fashion Culture Box comes with a mini magazine that filled with editorial content based on the styling themes. This month we have LengYein on the cover. You can read this month issue online <<here>>.

What do you think about this month's box? Which is your favorite styling theme? And which is your favorite item?

You can start subscribing to the May Fashion Culture Box at their website http://fashionculturebox.com/. Next month's styling themes are:

The Mother's Day Special box will be delivered before 11th of May, so your mom can get her surprise on time. It comes with a personalized handmade card which you can customize your own message in it. Your mom will also receive a spa treatment voucher from CRES Wellness worth RM100. If you haven't decided what to get for you mom, the Exclusive Mother's Day Box would be a great idea. It's only RM58!!!!

If you are going to subscribe to any Fashion Culture Box theme, remember to use my affiliate code FCB-MDB-1188 to receive a 10% off.


Unknown said...

I love all 3 of them. Definitely a steal for RM58. I just love the clutches you get from these boxes. Too bad I didn't thought of getting any.

Princess Neverland said...

The Sleeve Leather Cuff is really pretty!

Mieza Everdeen said...

super love the Working Girl box! I'm never interested in purchasing accessories as I rarely wear them. But now, that Athena box is screaming for me to get it :D

Alicia.L (Ally) said...

Ahhhh~~ I love everything mint and the dottie purse is to die for!! Miss it :'(