Apr 25, 2014

Other Uses of Nivea Skin Conditioner

This might be a new product for some of you. If you don't know yet.... Nivea just came up with a new in-shower body conditioner. It has the same benefit as body lotion, however the function is a bit different. You apply it while you're still in shower. Then rinse it off. The texture is thicker and silkier than normal body lotion.

This is not just another gimmick product. I personally quite like it because it saves time from applying lotion and very convenient too. Just spread it all over while I'm showering and it's all done... my skin is fully moisturized. And I also found some other uses for it...

1. Use it as shaving cream
The texture is so smooth and silky, it glides really well when I shave my legs. I used to use hair conditioner to do the job, but I find this performs better. It doesn't leave that dryness after shaving. Try it the next time when you shave and you'll love it.

2. Use it reversely
Are you the type that rush your day through everyday without a single minute left to moisturize your skin? Apply this before sleeping and rinse it in the morning when you're showering. It gives the same effect but saves a lot more time.

3. Use as hair conditioner
I found this by accident when I had no conditioner to use. I thought I might try to use the skin conditioner to de-tangle my hair. It works! However, you shouldn't substitute your hair conditioner with this. You can use it occasionally when you run out of conditioner or when you're traveling and don't want to bring too many products with you.

4. Use as normal body lotion
If you're not used to the habit of rinsing off the skin conditioner, you can use it as normal body lotion. The texture is a bit thicker and might leave a layer of product on your skin. If you are ok with it, then go ahead and use it as regular body lotion.

Have you tried the Nivea Skin Conditioner? If you haven't, you should. There are a few sizes available. You can purchase the smaller bottle to try out first. It is not expensive at all. Available at all drugstores.

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