Apr 7, 2014

[Review] L'Oreal Caresse Shine Lip Stain (801 Princess)

This is L'Oreal's new launch in Summer 2013 (or is it Spring?). I was deciding between the L'Oreal Caresses Shine and Maybelline Lip Polish. In the end, I got them both for the purpose of comparing. They're both very similar in texture when I swatch it on my hand.

What it is:
The first lip color to fuse with your lips. Rich refined color yet a barely-there lip sensation. Lips feel cocooned in a fresh, dewy sensation. The modern way to play your lip color.

 It comes with a doe-foot applicator. The surface of the applicator is flat and has bigger surface than the normal applicator, which makes it really easy to apply.

The texture is super smooth and creamy. It glides really well.

The color that I've got is 801 Princess, which is a true orange. The promise for glossy and shiny finish is fulfilled. However, the pigment is way too strong. It leaves stain after I remove it. Check out the stain below, that's after 5 minutes when I removed the swatch.

Can you see the stain? That's just after 5 minutes. When I apply it whole day on my lips, it's worse!

1. Long lasting. And the stain power is quite strong, which last almost half a day even when you have meals in between.
2. The texture is smooth and creamy. I love how it glides on without a problem.
3. The price is pocket friendly.

1. There's a very strong scent. The smell is not unpleasant, but I just don't like my lip product to smell like perfume. If you get what I mean...
2. The left over stain really irritates me. I have a feeling that it might darken my lips if use in a long run.

My face looks so weird here but I can't tell why? Did I just gained weight?

I will do a comparison between the Maybelline Lip Polish and the L'Oreal Caresse Lip Stain. At the mean time, my advice to you is get the Maybelline one.

There are 6 different colors available. You can get this from any L'Oreal counter in Watsons or Guardian for only RM28.72 (after discount).

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