Apr 4, 2014

[Starting a Beauty Blog] How to Manage Your Blogging Time

Oh, God! I've totally forgotten about my "Starting a beauty blog" topic. When I read back my previous posts, I actually promised a post every Friday. I feel so bad.

Anyway, I've been asked how do I manage my time to blog everyday. Who has the time to do that, seriously? Unless your day job is a beauty blogger like Temptalia or Makeup and Beauty Blog, I don't think anyone with another day job could possibly be blogging everyday.

#1 - Pre-schedule your posts
A lot of my post are schedule one week ahead. I usually blog about 3 posts in one sitting and I usually do this on Sunday, then schedule it ahead. That way, I will have 3 days of  "blogging off day" and just let the robot to publish my posts for me.

#2 - Take a lot of photos in one session
One of the biggest roadblock for beauty blogging is taking photos. What I do is, I plan my blog posts one week ahead. And spend 1 hour taking photos for the posts and edit it during the weekend. The idiom shot two birds with one stone is really apt in this situation. Let's say you're going to review a foundation, a lipstick, an eyeshadow and mascara (4 items) for the week. You can use all the products with just one look and take photos of the look. That way you don't need to do your makeup 4 times for the different items. With just one look, you can have photos worth of 4 blog posts. Maybe do another post for your makeup tutorial. Then you have 5 posts to schedule.

#3 - Keep some filler posts in your draft
Sometimes in life, we tend to be a little bit busier than usual. Filler posts helps to keep your blog alive when you really don't have time to blog. What is a filler post? It is a short and sweet post with just one or two photos and less than 100 words. You can see example of filler post <<here>>. Good products for filler posts are nail polish, perfume and lipsticks. Maybe you can throw in some quick tips too. Sometimes brands will send you their press release. You can always copy and paste the entire press release and post up the photos they provide. That way, your reader have something in between to read.

#4 - Attending events
A lot of product launch events are held during working hour. This is because the event is part of the work for the brand staff and media representatives will only attend event during working hour. I can't really advise you on how to make some space in your schedule to attend events. I am working for myself and approve my own leave, so it is very convenient for me to leave my desks for a couple of hours. I see a lot of bloggers take half day off for the purpose of it. Some people negotiate with their manager, for the 3 hours of absence at work, they will work overtime 3 hours for free. It depends on how flexible your boss is. If you are tied down at work, my advise is to choose wisely which event you really want to attend. Take in consideration the type of event, how far is the venue, will you get stuck on the road because of peak time, etc.

The most important way to manage your time for blogging is to plan ahead what post you want to publish one week before. Take all the photos of the products in one sitting. I hope these tips will help you be consistent with your blogging schedule.

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cindy said...

totally agree wit preschedule all the post! i do that all the time!

Nicole Yie said...

i also normally do it on weekend but sometimes it just suddenly pop out another impromptu schedule like hanging out w long lost friends or go back hometown.... just make me need to reschedule the time and maybe find another weekday to do so... anyway thanks for sharing! :)