May 23, 2014

[Haul] Collection Cosmetics & First Impression

Last month I received an invitation to the launch of Collection Cosmetic in Malaysia. I RSVP-ed to attend the event but on the very last minute I decided not to attend because it was raining super heavy and the venue was right in KL city center. I asked the PR to send me a press release of the event or any relevant info about the brand, but they didn’t reply my email. I tried to Google for it but I didn’t find anything about this brand. I really wanted to let you guys know about this brand since it is new in the market. In the end, I decided to try it out myself and let you all know of my two cents.

Collection Cosmetics is apparently a UK brand cosmetic. I actually haven’t heard of this brand before and I certainly never seen it in the UK.  Have you heard of this brand before? Or have you seen it in Watsons lately?

These are the stuff that I grab from Collection Cosmetics lately.   

1. Super Size Fat Lash Mascara in Ultra Black 17
2. Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer in the shade 2 Natural
3. Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in the color Cotton Candy 1
4. Blush in the shade 02 Bashful
5. Hotlights Lipgloss in the color 5 Glow

Super Size Fat Lash Mascara (RM26.90)

They have quite a few mascaras on the shelf, but I took this to try because of the name that suggested this is the mascara for lengthening and volumising. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give the effect as how the name portrayed. The formula of the mascara is a bit dry and creamy. The packaging reminds me so much of Maybelline mascara tube. There’s nothing interesting about the wand. 

I think you can skip this mascara and try other types since they have a lot of mascaras under the brand. I really don’t find anything interesting about this mascara to shout.

Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer (RM19.90)

This reminds me so much of YSL Touche Éclat. On the packaging, it says “Helps conceal dark circles and blemishes. Light infusing particles naturally illuminate eyes”. I really love the packaging. It is neat, easy to use and easy to store. However, the formula is quite dry. I don’t like putting it around my eyes, but I think as a highlighter, it will work well. 

Tips on using brightening concealer: NEVER use a brightening concealer like this to hide your acne. The brightening concealer is means to give glow and enhance certain parts of your face. Instead of hiding the acne, it might make your acne more prominent by drawing attention to it. 

Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream (RM19.90)

OMG! This looks/feels/smell exactly like the NYX soft matte lip cream. If you blindfold me, I wouldn’t be able to guess which is which. The only difference is the words printed on the tube. Even the packaging is exactly the same!

Anyway, the lip cream is a soft lipstick. It has matte texture, non-drying and provides adequate moisture. I think this is totally worth a try. I will do a product comparison between this and the NYX one.

Blush (RM19.90)

The blush is pretty ok. The color doesn’t show when you swatch it on your hand. However, when applied on face, it looks pretty ok. The formula of the blush reminds me of Silkygirl blush. The packaging is pretty usual. The product itself is pretty ok. I kinda like the shade, it is a soft coral with very little shimmer.

Hotlights Lipgloss (RM21.80)

The packaging of this lipgloss is super interesting. It has an automatic LED light illuminated once you open the tube. And it also has ready mirror at the side of the tube. This is a ready-to-go lipgloss for party people. 

The formula of the lipgloss is pretty usual and non-sticky. The color 5 Glow is a dark coral pink and infused with intense micro glitter. Comes with the usual doe-foot applicator.  I actually find the LED light pretty annoying. When applying, you can’t see the true shade of the lipgloss because the LED is too distracting.

Overall, I find the products pretty ordinary. The packaging is ok, looks like other drugstore makeup packaging. The price point is pocket-friendly. It definitely won't break the bank if you decided to try it out. I do suspect that the products are OEM because of the lip cream. It probably comes from the same factory as NYX. On the packaging, all the products are made in China. 

Have you tried Collection Cosmetics product before? Do you feel like trying it? Do let me know if there is anything you like and want me to review specifically. I will give you a comprehensive review if you decided to try any of the product above.


Mieza Everdeen said...

I went to the event and fell in love with the lip cream. So I quickly went to Watsosn OU to buy it the day after. I wish they have more colours. before this Collection was called Collection2000 and they're actually quite famous among UK/US bloggers and youtubers because of the Lasting Perfection Concealer. that is another problem to me coz there's only 1 shade that can match a Malay's tanned skin like mine, while other shades are very pale ones. another problem, not all Watsons carry this brand :(

Jerine said...

@Mieza Everdeen: Oh... I didn't know they're famous among UK US bloggers. I'm like katak bawah tempurung. I agree that they don't have a lot of shades available for Malaysian skintone. I wanted to get another concealer, but all the undertone is pink. I think it's meant for orang putih skin.

Jerine said...

@Mieza Everdeen: BTW, if you love the lip cream, go get NYX one. No difference at all. And NYX has a lot of shades.

FurFer said...

._. I bought the concealer and now that you reviewed it, I'm kinda regret of buying it ._. T.T I have serious eye bags and dark circles T.T

wiida said...

Out of 5 items u've purchased, I wanted to try 3 of their items. The iluminating concealer is so tempting to be used as highlighter, the matte lipcream is also worth to give a try and the lipgloss! The lipgloss packaging is pretty cool anyhow I wish they carry "nars orgasm" lipgloss color. haha. u get what i mean? i want golden pink lipgloss.hee. but the lipgloss looks pretty sheer. ;(

Jerine said...

@FurFer: This is just first impression. Since you already bought it, I will do a specific review on that just for you.

wiida Ribbon: Those products actually worth a try. I think they do have nars orgasm like lipgloss on the shelf. But I'm not too sure. One thing that's quite turn off, the have very limited shades.

MITCH said...

I have never seen such packaging for a lipgloss! So cool!
Thanks for the tips on the concealer :)