May 2, 2014

Introducing Dipped Row - Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Let's take a break from the usual beauty product reviews. Today I have something special to introduce to you girls - Dipped Row. It is a fashion accessory line ala Jewelmint, J.Crew, and Kate Spade which is available online at The design and quality from Dipped Row's pieces are on par with what you get from J.Crew or Kate Spade. The only difference that set them apart is the price tag. Dipped Row is much more affordable (between RM30 to RM400) compared to the established brands. If you see anything you like, do use my promo code JERINELAY to get RM20 off when you purchase above RM100. The promo code is valid till 31st May 2014.

Dipped Row's statement necklaces make a head-turning entrance: Embellished in crystal, coloured resin or gold panther motifs, the statement necklace collection captures the vivacious and magnetic persona of a woman daring to be different. Their necklace collection also features both long necklaces and delicate short necklaces to suit any taste or ensemble. Eye-catching yet versatile, they play with different styles and materials such as tortoiseshell links and gold and silver metallic accents.

Inspired by the romance of the tropics, the earring collection is sensuous, bright and fresh. Chandelier earrings pop with peacock hues of blue, green, red and pink, reminiscent of tropical sunsets and cobalt seas. For a subtler nod to glamour, studs and drop earrings are embellished in crystal clusters, floral patterns and finished in brightly coloured resin stone.

This earring was featured in Marie Claire magazine

The bracelet collection pays homage to exotica. Dipped Row's bold leather cuffs are swathed in luxurious stingray, python and ostrich leather and are available in a spectrum of hues. In addition, metallic bracelets and cuffs are fashioned into starfish motifs, horns and delicate shapes finished in pave, square-linked crystal or painted enamel. Expressive, modern and stylish, the Dipped Row bracelet collection lends a hint of refinement.

I bought something from this stash, can you guess which one?

When visiting the Dipped Row Trunk Show last weekend, they organized a necklace painting contest. We were given a beautiful necklace each, and we are expected to use nail polish to customize our own bauble necklace.

While everyone started painting on their necklace, I was busy choosing the right color and make a strategic planning so I don't spoil the necklace.

Finally, I decided my mind and start painting on my necklace. It brings back good memory of my colouring contest when I was in kindergarten.

And here is the result from my art work...

What do you think of my necklace? Do you like the color? I got inspired by spring colors and hence the bright green, yellow and pink. Would you buy it if I put it up for sale? 

The stuff I brought home. Love the classy box. Wheeeee.....

Head to to browse through their collection. I'm sure you will feel like a kid in candy store. And remember to use my promo code to save some moolah.

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