May 11, 2014

Mini Makeups Instagram Giveaway!

Here's a quick post!

They say appreciate small things in life.... So I dedicated a photo on my Instagram to appreciate my small makeups! Haha... And since good things must be shared, I'm going to giveaway a set of mini makeups to ONE (1) of my Instagram follower. Here's what to do if you want the mini makeups set: 

1. Follow me on Instagram. My username is @QueenJerine 
2. Look for the photo below and comment underneath the photo, tell me how you appreciate small things in life. 
3. I will announce the winner next Sunday (18/5/14) on Instagram by commenting on the photo. 

And the stuff I'm giving away are:
1. Benefit Sugarbomb Ultra Plush lip gloss
2. Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume (I super love this scent! And I think I have 3 bottles of this in full size)
3. Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream
4. Essie nail polish in Love & Acceptance (it's a dusty lilac, I don't know why it looks gray on the photo)
5. Benefit Coralista blush (I love this too! It's almost a NARS O* dupe)
6. Benefit BadGal waterproof liner 

All the items are brand new. Good luck! 

P/S: I've discovered I can blog on the phone for some quickie! Yay! Lol! 



Sherry Go Sharing said...

instagram sherrygo, I am your follower.
how you appreciate small things in life? I wouldn't take things for granted, you know small things does put a smile on someone's face.
My mom told me her gift for Mother's Day, all she wants is a shampoo... nothing expensive just this what she needs for daily use.

Jerine said...

Sherry, can you please comment on the photo in Instagram. Sorry for the unclear instruction. So, what shampoo you got for your mom?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

My instagram Follower ID : samanthalpt
I appreciate small things in life that's was enough is as good as a feast don't always compare yourself with others.
Every morning me face to mirror to telling myself stop the negative or unhappiness thinking & smile to everyone; it can make the world more beautiful & energetic and vitality