May 31, 2014

Real Techniques Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set

If you have been a follower of makeup news, I'm pretty sure you heard of the Real Techniques brushes developed by Samantha Chapman.

Samantha Chapman is a makeup artist based in London. She owns a makeup studio where she runs makeup courses and sharing a Youtube channel with her sister teaching makeups under the name Pixiwoo. Her fame started way before her Youtube became popular. Samantha has been a makeup artist for more than a decade, working with the M.A.C. Pro Team. Her work appeared in numerous shows in fashion week, leading fashion magazines and working closely with celebrities.

I have a high hope for products that developed by makeup artists. They understand what a good brush should be and they have higher standard compared to brand-produced brushes.The quality control will definitely be more strict.

I got this brush set from Cindy (she's also a beauty blogger in Malaysia!). It is relatively hard to find Real Techniques brushes in Malaysia because the retails here just don't carry the brand. However, in UK and US, the Real Techniques brushes are selling like hot cakes.

These brushes are made of synthetic bristles and they're all hand cut. I was glad to know that the brushes are not tested on animals too.

(L-R) Blending brush. Crease brush. Flat shadow brush. Eyeliner brush. Eyebrow brush.

In general the brushes bristles are super good. They are very stiff. It feels like the bristles are held down towards the black part of the brush and the white part gives a soft touch.

The saddest part about the brush is the handle that is dipped with rubber. It has the same material as NARS packaging which I really hate. It tends to get dirty especially when in contact with foundation. It is impossible not to dirty it. I understand that the purpose of the rubber end is to prevent the paint of the brush from peeling off when you put in your brush holder. But I just hate it!

Let's get into details of each brush:

1. Blending brush
The dome of the brush is way too big compared to my small eyelid. They blend perfectly well. I'm quite happy with the result of the brush. I think this can be a cheaper dupe for the MAC 217. The only downside of the brush is its size. I'm sure people with larger eyes will appreciate this brush better.

2. Crease brush
I use this brush as a substitute for blending. It works fine for blending as well. I really love this brush.

3. Flat shadow brush
I can't tell if a flat brush is good or not. So I can't give a comprehensive comment on this brush. I usually use flat brush to pick up the pigments of the eyeshadows. Most brushes don't seem to have a problem doing that with a good job.

4. Eyeliner brush
This is the worst brush out of the lot. The tip of the brush is too big to give a precise line for eyeliner. I think won't be reaching this brush that often. However, I think this brush will perform well to smudge out the eyeliner for a smokey look.

5. Eyebrow brush
This is my everyday brush to fix my eyebrow. I love it because the brush is quite thin and gives a very defined line when you are filling in the brow. Totally love it!

Tips when buying new brush: ALWAYS clean your brush before using, especially foundation brush. You wouldn't know what happen in the factory or who the last person to touch the brush.

P/S: I saw Real Techniques brushes being sold at SHINS 1Utama. Do check it out if you want to purchase it. They don't have sample units for you to feel the brush. So make sure you do a lot of research before purchasing it.

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