Aug 27, 2014

Bioderma is finally in Malaysia!

I think you probably heard a lot about Bioderma if you follow some international beauty blog or Youtube beauty gurus. This product was almost impossible to get in Malaysia, even in the US. The other day I was strolling down the mall and suddenly I saw a huge Bioderma sign at Guardian pharmacy. I thought I saw the wrong thing, or maybe it is some knock-off Bioderma product. When I went to the shelf, guess what.... IT IS BIODERMA! 

I couldn't resist getting a small bottle to try. I've been hearing a lot about the makeup remover and I would totally regret if I don't get it. The shelf was almost empty when I notice it. I assume a lot of people already grab most of the products.

I don't hear much about their other products, other than the makeup remover. This is because the makeup remover is very gentle to the skin, but at the same time it has powerful strength to remove makeup with just one wipe. It is alcohol-free, soap-free and no colouring. The product is made in France. You don't need to rinse your face after removing your makeup with it. So this product is a must-have for late owls who always skip removing makeups. I didn't manage to get the one for sensitive skin (red colour bottle) but I got the blue bottle one which is for oily skin.

In my honest opinion, and as a person who have normal skin, I think the Bioderma makeup remover is overrated and overpriced. The small bottle that I bought cost RM38.90. And the full size bottle is about RM79. The Maybelline makeup remover that barely cost RM15 can do the same job. However, if you have sensitive skin, I do urge you to try. There aren't a lot of products out that that made especially for sensitive skin. This is one that manage to please a lot of people with sensitive skin.

Have you tried the Bioderma makeup remover before? What do you think about it?


wiida said...

wow! bioderma is finally here in malaysia. Ive been using it for a year and its my favorite. at first i dont really like it because i thought it just work fairly the same with my other makeup removers, anyhow, after got allergic + sensitive skin, I found this Bioderma works the best. It helps to cleanse my face very clean , double, compare to other remover plus after using it, my face got less pimples than before. and and and one more thing, if your blusher/ any makeup product spilled on your white table, this Bioderma helps you to clean the table very easy, it grabs all the colors and makeup nicely without any leftover stains. So, basically the concept applies to the skin too. Grab all the impurities. I know I fele like I talk nonsense but I just can't describe the amazingness of this product. From normal to Superduper hero awesome product. haha. maybe only me just too excited & impressed with the product. (sorry for the long comment, i'm just too excited!) hahaha :P

Jerine said...

@Wiida Ribbon: Since you mention, I'm going to try it on my makeup table.

Rin said...

Definitely agree that Bioderma is somewhat overpriced. I got their Sensitive make-up remover (the one that's the most raved about) while I was in transit at Singapore and it pretty has the removing power of Bifesta while being about double the price ouch!

Though maybe it might benefit those with chronically sensitive skin but that's quite rare in humid countries like M'sia.

xoxo Fuurin Diary

Jerine said...

@Rin: You're right. Bifesta gives a similar result, with lesser cost.

JiaYin Teo said...

omg I was waiting for Bioderma 5ever to come to Malaysia. but all these while I've been using the Triple Action Cleansing water by Sephora. Its for sensitive skin and I think it works fairly good on my acne prone sensitive skin. One huge 400ml bottle (comes with a bulit in pump cover where u can place your cotton on it and press for the product to directly go into the cotton) only costs me RM65. which is so much cheaper than Bioderma's little bottle i think ._.