Aug 17, 2014

[Charity] JCI Nothing But Nets Fight Malaria in Africa

The Problem
Residents of malaria-endemic countries need your help and they need it now. On average, every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria. There is no time to waste in the battle to stop this devastating disease. The vast majority of deaths occur in Africa, where malaria is a leading killer of children.

The Solution

The United Nations Foundation started an initiative called "Nothing But Nets" to provide solution to the problem. Millions of lives in Africa have been saved through their program to provide long-lasting, insecticide-treated nets to children and families.

As a proud and active Nothing But Nets partner, JCI runs a campaign called JCI Nothing But Nets. Through the campaign, JCI members raise funds to send mosquito nets to Africa and educate children and their families on the correct use and care of the nets. While your nation may not be affected by widespread malaria, 40% of people in the world live in countries that are.

How to Help?

If you have the time and the right community, you can start your own fundraising team for the Nothing But Nets program. If you prefer easier way, you can donate one mosquito net to prevent the disease. For only USD10, you can provide a mosquito net to the children who needs them. Go to CrowdRise page to donate or to set up your own fundraising team.



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