Aug 13, 2014

[First Impression] New Stuff From ZA

ZA just announced the arrival of some new additions to their skincare and makeup collection. I'm going to share with you my first impression of these new products. On top of that, ZA will be launching their brand new men skincare for our gentlemen friends. And Malaysia will be the first market in Asia to launch the ZA Men. It is nice to hear that Malaysia is ahead of other countries.

Ladies, here are the new stuff:

For the girls:
ZA Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum (RM59.90)
ZA Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation (RM37.90)
ZA Gel Eyeliner (RM26.90)

For the boys:
ZA Men Energizing Scrub (RM16.90)
ZA Men Energizing Moisturizer (RM26.90)

I didn't try the ZA Men products and gave it to my friend. So I can't give you any comment of it until I get back from my friend. Meanwhile, I will give you my first impression of trying the other new products for women.

ZA Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum

What it is?
  • With the advanced technology of RETINO-WHITE complex, this whitening and anti-aging serum works on restoring youthful looking skin filled with radiance and resilience just like bringing you back to glorious days.
  • Reduces excess melanin production and lightens pigmentation to eliminate dark spots and dullness. Achieves radiant, even-toned skin.
  • Reduces visible wrinkles caused by UV damage and aging. 
  • Targets on hidden dark spots and wrinkles.
  • Maintains youthful, radiant skin by approaching to future aging factors. Formulated with a cutting-edge effective ingredient, RETINO-WHITE complex. (RETINO-WHITE complex is derivative and whitening effective ingredient, 4MSK.)
  • Swiftly penetrates into the skin without leaving a trace of stickiness.

 My first impression:
I only use this for less than 5 times. I don't see any improvement, but it is too early to tell if the product is indeed effective as it claims. I use it at night and I like the matte texture. It makes my skin feel moisturized even though they didn't claim to moisturize the skin. This product is definitely worth trying for a longer period.

ZA Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation

What it is?
  • Contains Micro Pink Pearls. Ultrafine pearls emitting diverse kinds of aurora-like light diminish the unevenness and pores. Emitting light from within for flawless skin with a rosy glow and white complexion. 
  • Oil free and water based formula. Feels watery and spreads over the skin with a dewy texture to perfectly fit your skin. Provides a non-sticky finish that renders face powder unnecessary.
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Dermatologist-tested.
  • Non-clogging to pores. 

My first impression:
I really like the texture. It is watery and covers the skin evenly. My only concern is that the coverage is quite sheer. If you have any pigmentation that you want to cover, you need to concealer to do it. The foundation alone can't cover imperfection. However, if you have no skin concern to cover, this foundation gives a dewy look without making your face shine. I totally recommend this to everyone. For liquid foundation first timer, it is a good product to start with because it doesn't cost a lot and it does the job well. Pick a shade darker than your skin tone because the pearl extracts will lighten the shade a bit when you apply it on your face.

ZA Gel Eyeliner

What it is?
  • The convenient, easy-to-use pencil-form Gel Liner achieves bold, defined lines with an ultra smooth texture.
  • Resistant to sebum, sweat and tears. The beautiful finish lasts all day long till cleansing at night.
  • Dermatologist-tested.
My first impression:
The texture don't remind me of gel eyeliner, in fact it feels a lot like normal pencil liner. However, the long-lasting effect is very much like gel liner. It doesn't smudge and stays for the entire day. The one that I got is in brown, which I hardly use. I will definitely repurchase this in black because it is super convenient. All you do is twist the pen, there's no need to dip in the gel pot to get the product.

Here are the first impression of the products above. I will definitely put in more time to try out the products. If it is worth a buzz, I will do a single review post on each of the product. Do let me know which product you are interested. I will do a separate review on it.

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LauraLeia said...

The liquid foundation looks good, and the price is pretty affordable too. It's written water-based on the packaging, so that's a plus point as well. :D