Aug 17, 2014

Shokubutsu Japan Original Sakura Whitening Shower Gel

I found a package on my office table, when I open it up, I thought... Shokubutsu sent me mooncake! How nice of them. Mooncake festival is just around the corner, yay! And when i open it up...

This doesn't look like a mooncake box, now that I open it. The box has a booklet attached to it on the front. There are infos relating to their shower gel. Everything you need to know about the ingredients of the shower gel in that few pages of booklet.

I was totally blown away by the packaging. The Japanese really know how to amaze people with their product packaging.

Shokubutsu has a few shower gel series under their umbrella. This one that I got is from the Japan Original series, which is also one of their very first series. There are a few scent for you to choose - Sakura Whitening, Green Tea Harmony, Green Freshness (the one I always buy), Orange Peel Sensation, and Floral Delight.

All the Japan Original shower gel has "Triple Power of Plants", which means, it has:

1. 100% plant cleansing ingredients

2. 100% plant restoration with Nuka Oil (also known as rice brain oil which contains Oryzanol and Vitamin E for anti-aging purposes)

3. 100% plant nourishment from sakura extract

The texture:
It has creme texture and leather up easily when in contact with water. The foam leather is thick and fluffy. If you are into shower gel that has rich foam, this would be a great one for you.

The scent:
It has a light sakura scent. The scent leans towards floral and it is not very strong.

After rinse:
There is no feeling of residue left. Your skin will feel just like your skin. But it does leave a moisturized feeling. There is a light smell lingering after shower. I don't really see the whitening effect on my skin. I think it requires a longer use before you can see the result.

The Shokubutsu Japan Original shower gels are available in every major pharmacies, supermarket and hypermarket. The price is RM13.90 for 650g and the refill is RM7.90 for 550g.

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