Aug 15, 2014

Which Beauty Guru on YouTube to Follow

When I'm having my lunch or dinner at home, I will load at least 2 beauty videos to watch on YouTube. And let's be honest to ourselves, how much time can we spend looking for a suitable beauty guru to follow. There are tones of beauty gurus on YouTube, so many of them gone mainstream (*ahem* Michelle Phan *ahem*) and some of them are totally waste of your time.

In this post, I will share with you some of my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube that I think you should check out. I hope they will inspire you as much as they inspired me.

#1 - BeautyQQ

Queenie Chan is from Hong Kong and almost all of her videos are in Chinese. If don't understand Chinese, she has subtitles on her videos and sometimes she upload her video in English. She is not just another beauty guru on YouTube, she's my beauty mentor. I admire her in a lot of aspects. Her teaching on beauty goes beyond just beauty products and tutorials. Her videos broadens your view on beauty and she advocates self-worthiness. She is an inspiring figure to follow. To some people, she might be a little weird but that is just her being herself. Her take on life is simple - love yourself first before anything else.

#2 -Tati 

Follow her for product recommendation. She is great for giving honest opinion on products. And she is also good to follow for drugstore products. Most of her products are purchased by herself and she is not affiliated to any brand. I love her "What's New at the Drugstore" videos for a sneak peek on what is coming up and whether I should spend my money on it.

#3 -Julia Graf

She's one of the very few popular makeup guru on Youtube that hasn't change a bit since the beginning. I love her "What's in my Mailbox" videos. It gives me a preview on what will be out in store. While I follow Tati for drugstores products, I follow Julia Graf for high ends products. All her product review videos are honest, unless it is sponsored then she will announce that it is a sponsored post.

#4 -Melodee Morita

Some people prefer Korean beauty products, some love the French products, as for me... I'm more into Japanese products. If you are like me who prefer Japanese beauty products, Melodee Morita would be a good beauty mentor for you. Her videos are all in English. She talks a lot about Japanese beauty products.

#5 -Lauren Curtis

I've been following Lauren Curtis since I was staying in Australia, and Lauren is an OZ. I can relate to most of her videos because she is from OZ. I like most of her tutorial videos because they are easy to follow, doesn't require a lot of products and her face feature is similar to mine. She do a lot of educational videos as well on how to treat your acne, what are the do's and dont's for makeups, etc.

#6 -MakeupByEman

I love Eman! She is a professional makeup artist. YouTube is something she does as a part time and also her portfolio for her to get clients. She uses products that are easily available and all her looks that she created are easy to follow. For some reason, I think she looks like Megan Fox. 

#7 - Elleandish

For nails, I love the videos from Elleandish (her real name is Janelle). A lot of nail art videos are hard to follow because the artists are mostly manicurist. I like Janelle's videos because it is simple, achieve-able, don't need a lot of tools.

#8 - Sasakiasahi 

As I have mention earlier, I love Japanese beauty products. And I so happen to love Japanese beauty guru as well. Sasakiasahi is someone that I follow very closely. I watch every video she uploads. They're all in Japanese. I understand 80% of what she says. But if you don't understand Japanese, I think she has English subs to her videos. Most of her videos are educational, travel, and tutorials. If I'm not mistaken, she is the Japanese spokesperson for Revlon.

#9 - Teni Panosian

The first time I saw Teni's video, I thought Kim Kardashian was doing makeup tutorials. I love her for her tutorials. She is into every detail of the steps. If you are a makeup beginner, you should watch her videos.

#10 - Hana Tam 

 Lastly, it is Hana Tam from HK. Although she is so much younger than me (in terms of skin type and makeup style, we ahve a huge age gap), I follow her because of product recommenndations and also she is youthful and funny. It makes me feels so youthful watching her. LOL.

A lot of us follow beauty gurus on YouTube and blogs. Here are some tips to choose the right beauty guru for you:

1. Follow beauty guru that are honest. A lot of their comments and recommendations will affect your spending. If you follow a non-trustworthy beauty guru, you will be spending a lot of money on the wrong product that you don't need.

2. For makeup tutorials, follow beauty guru that has similar face features as yours, especially the eyes. If the beauty guru has wide large eyes, and you have a hooded eyes, you won't be able to recreate the same look. 

That's all for this post. I love to check out YouTube for beauty videos. If you have any beauty guru that you think worth for me to check out, do let me know in the comment below. I would love to extend my list...

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