Nov 3, 2014

What's in my Travel Beauty Bags (Beach Version)

When packing for holiday, I'm super easy, convenient and fast. Except....... when it comes to packing for beauty stuff. The amount I pack for a three-day trip is the same as packing for two weeks due to my overpacking of beauty products. I'm not sure if I'm the only one that having this problem or anyone else sharing the same disorder?

This time, I really sit down and think if I do need a particular product before chucking into my luggage. I'm quite happy with that because this time I don't overpack and still bring enough products to cover my needs.

The bathroom bag...

1. Cellnique Ultimate Calming and Hydrating Airy Masque
When traveling always bring a hydration sheet mask along. The level of hydration in your skin deteriorates when you're flying and when your skin exposed to the sun. Sheet mask is the most convenient and effective product to help restore your skin hydration. Pakai then buang jer...

2. Bioderma Makeup Remover
No specific reason for the brand of makeup remover I brought. Just so happen the Bioderma makeup remover I have comes in a smaller bottle, so I packed it along. <<specific post click here>>

3. Elie Saab EDT
Out of the dozens of perfume, I brought this along because he really likes the scent. The scent is neither fruity nor floral, but at the same time very feminine. <<specific post click here>>

4. Neutrogena Hydro Boost
I got this from the Fashion Culture Box Travel Series. The size comes super handy. One tube is enough for two days application. Then I can chuck the packaging and save more room in my bag. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost is good for day wear, especially when going to the beach. It has adequate protection from UV.

5. Shiseido Ultimune 
This is the new product from Shiseido.  This is a concentrate that helps lay a strong foundation for healthy skin by fortifying its natural immune system, making it more resilient to environmental damage and stress. Apparently it can repair the DNA of the skin (which I don't quite believe). Quite happy with the result though. I use this only at night.

6. Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser
I heard a lot of good reviews on the Shiseido Ibuki line. When I went to the Shiseido event, they gave miniatures of the Ibuki skincare, which I thought great to bring along for traveling. Although it says 'Gentle Cleanser', it does give your skin a squeaky clean. Totally love this! I'm contemplating on buying a full size.

7. Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer
Unlike most of the moisturizer that comes in cream or gel form, this one is rather runny. It feels like lotion or very thick toner. For its efficacy, I think it does its job. But nothing to shout about. It is good to have it, but I won't go all crazy for it.

8. Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate
This is suppose to be the toner. I'm feeling indifferent about this as well. I don't exactly hate it but at the same time I don't exactly love it a lot. It does have strong fragrance, so I wouldn't recommend it. As a plus point, it doesn't contain alcohol.

9. L'Oreal Wild Stylers by Tecni.Art
This is the only product that I didn't utilize fully. I brought this along so that I still have a good hair on the beach. But I found a faster and better solution, which is to tie my hair into a bun.

10. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
Can't live without my SK-II FTE. True story. I was so worried that I can't bring along my huge bottle of FTE, thanks to the impractical glass bottle. One day before I fly, SK-II surprise me with a 75ml bottle. Perfect timing. <<specific post click here>>

The makeup bag...

1. M.A.C. Pro Longwear Foundation
Bottle after bottle, I keep repurchasing the same foundation. Like the name suggest, the foundation last really long. Imagine this.... I had it on for 2 hours of waiting at the airport, 3 hours flight, 2 hours road trip, 1 hour boat ride and 1 hour horse ride... my makeup stayed exactly how it was when I first put it on. Totally recommend this if you're looking for a foundation that last really long.

2. Shu Uemura The Lightbulb UV Compact Foundation
I brought this along so that I can have something to cover my imperfect skin when I'm feeling lazy. But when I'm feeling lazy, I went all out.... I didn't put anything on. So I kinda brought this compact powder for a joyride. Didn't regret it though. There could have been a few occasions that I can wear it. <<specific post click here>>

3. Maybelline Lashionista
Not sure why I took this mascara instead of the others. Maybe it's slim and convenient to pack. I really don't know...

4. Too Cool For School 1 Day Tatoo Eye Brow
Love this. Swear by it. Wear it everyday. Nuff said to keep you convinced. I'm serious, this is the best eyebrow product ever. <<specific post click here>>

5. M.A.C. Blacktrack
My second jar of the M.A.C. gel liner. The first one lasted 3 years. When I know I'm going to sweat a lot and have a long day, I'll go for this eyeliner. It survived getting dipped in the water (totally waterproof even in the pool with chlorine). It will not smear or smudge until you remove it with a good makeup remover. This is one of the top product I recommend.

6. NARS Orgsm Blush
Did you know, NARS change the name to some code to make it sound more appropriate. Follow me on Instagram for quick info like that (@queenjerine). Brought this along because it is a versatile colour that can be worn day and night and it's so mini, I can imagine the amount of space I can save. <<specific post click here>>.

7. Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder
I have this loose powder in vanity. It is the best loose powder I've ever tried so I'm sticking to it. When I'm traveling, I'll bring this compact size. Really glad they came up with this size. <<specific post click here>>

8. M.A.C. Lipstick
I brought two shades - Angel (pink nude) and Ravishing (orange). I'm a big fan of M.A.C. but I never blog about it that much because they never sponsor me any product and then I'm too busy layan all the sponsored products that I don't have time to blog about M.A.C. stuff. Do watch out for mini reviews like this one, so you can kinda guess which product I really enjoy using. <<specific post click here>>.

9. M.A.C. duo ended brush
There no name for the brush. It is just a random brush that comes in a set of makeup, I think it is from their last year holiday collection. One end I can use for eyeshadow (which I didn't bring) and another end I can use for eyeliner.

10. Tweezer
I'm obsessed with tweezing my eyebrow everytime I fix my eyebrow in the morning. Sometimes I use it to tweeze my stray armpit hair. Hahahaha.... Waxing don't remove everything. Some stubborn hair will still appear whenever it feels like it.

11. Benefit "that gal"
My staple primer before I put on the M.A.C. Pro Longwear.

12. Benefit girl meets pearl
Didn't use this. I was stuck with 'that gal'.

13. Benefit porefessional
I need this to cover my large pores and fine lines. It doesn't do much for fine lines and wrinkles. It still creases along the lines when I sweat or when my skin soaked in my natural face oil. But it does a great job in covering large pores.

Beach bag

1. Korres Body Butter
I use this only at night. Not sure why I drop it in the beach bag. <<specific post click here>>

2 & 3 Sunplay Skin Aqua Sunblock
Who doesn't wear sunblock when they're at the beach? Well, if you don't then you better start wearing. In fact you should be using it on a daily basis until the sun stops burning. <<specific post click here>>

4. Maybelline Baby Lips
My best lip protection. It protects me from chapped skin, dry lips, and UV rays.

5. Rohto C Cube Eye Drops
If you use contact lenses, this eye drop works really well for tired eyes. It is artificial tears that keeps your eyeballs hydrated and stop the irritation of contact lenses after long wear.

6. Biore Makeup Wipes
I keep this in my beach bag just in case my waterproof makeup fails me. I don't want to walk around scaring everyone (although I could use the excuse of Halloween). I did remove my foundation after I came up from the sea. I can't stand the icky feeling of my foundation mixing with sea water.

7. Elie Saab EDT
This is the same perfume as the one I brought in my bathroom bag above but a miniature version.

8. Hair tie
My uber cute hair band. I have a few others with mixture of colors. It looks like those loom band but it's a hair tie. It looks so beach-y.

That's all folks! Do you have any staple product that you bring along everytime you travel?

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azwaa said...

I share your pain! I usually dont know what to pack for vacation or traveling becos duhhh every single one of my makeup is IMPORTANT hahahaha.