Dec 6, 2014

Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE

Laduree has their own makeup line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *scream like a fangirl* I'm so excited to blog about this that I don't know how or where to start. Maybe we should talk about the brand first. It is a French patisserie that's famous for its macarons. I get so hungry talking about it. The brand image is ala Parisian-Marie Antoinette style.

Let's talk about their beauty products. I actually didn't know they have a beauty line until last month. I'm not sure which cave I was living in. How can I possibly missed out such cute beauty packaging???

Fun facts:
The manufacturer of Laduree beauty products also manufacture for Anna Sui, Jill Stuart and Paul & Joe.

I've gotten myself the Face Color Rose Laduree and Pressed Cheek Color. Both are blush.

Face Color Rose Laduree

This is their best seller blush, which is also their  most expensive product. The blush is made into rose petals that looks exactly the same as dried rose. Each petal is handmade that's why it is rather pricey. The packaging and the product is sold separately. The vintage dome container and the refill cost 120euro. It comes in 3 shades - 01 (orangy peach pink), 02 (light fuchsia pink) and 04 (berry pink). 

I'm not going to swatch the product yet. I'm still stuck in the period where I want to admire its beauty for a longer time. Whenever I decide to use it, I'll write a separate review post on it. So sorry for being an inadequate beauty blogger. I just can't bear to destroy the pretty petals, just yet.

Pressed Cheek Color

For those who prefer the conventional pressed powder blush, the Pressed Cheek Color offers wide range of shades. In my opinion, this is more useful to have than the Face Color Rose Laduree. The packaging has a typical vintage lady portrait and the product has the same portrait embossed on it. Good luck on that first feeling when you break the product. It's going to hurt me a lot when I decide to use it. This cost 52euro for the case and refill.

The shades option is very wide. There are some dark shades which you can use as contour. Some of the shades are quite special, I've never seen other brands have shades like tangy orange and plastic pink before. This is one of the product that worth it to get.

Besides beauty products, Laduree also have a petite stationery line that sells greeting cards, personal note books, pencil, pen, envelops, candles, bags, keychain, etc. The price isn't that cheap as well. But it is definitely a very darling and luxury souvenir to give out, especially for girls. 

If you happen to find this brand and want to get a few products to try, I recommend you to check out the products below:

Cream Cheek Base - Cream blusher that very easily to glide on and has strong staying power
Eyebrow Palette - It has duo tone eyebrow powder for you to blend the colour and a gel to keep your eyebrow hair stay in place
Face Powder - The company that makes the product has reputation of making good face powder. Use it as loose powder.
Treatment Oil - No particular reason why you should get this, except the packaging is to die for. Girls that sucker for packaging should get this. It makes your dressing table looks really glam. 

After seeing all that, do you feel the itch to get some of the products? It is seriously worth it to spend the money. Not only they're pretty to see, the products are of high quality as well. Sadly it is not available in Malaysia. But if you ever go travelling, Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE is available at these places:

JAPAN (Tokyo)
Mitsukoshi Ginza
Isetan Shinjuku
Loforet Harajuku
Isetan Mirror Yokohama Lumine
Isetan Mirror Kichijoji Parco
Haikarado Lumine Omiya
Haneda Airport 

JAPAN (Nagoya)
JR Takashimaya Nagoya

JAPAN (Osaka) 
Hankyu Omeda
Daimaru Kyoto
Daimaru Kobe

TAIWAN (Taipei)
Pacific SOGO Department Store Zhongxiao

SOGO Causeway Bay

FRANCE (Paris)
Sephora Champs Elysees
Sephora Haussmann
Sephora Medeleine 


Marsya said...

The packagings are so effin cute! Great post. xo

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OMGGG *extreme drooling* I WANT SWATCHES ASAP!! :P said...

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