Oct 25, 2015

CANMAKE Tokyo Haul & Giveaway

Hi all! Today I have a stash of CANMAKE Tokyo products to share with you some of their latest products in terms of information & also physical product. So read until the end to see how you can win one product from their new collection.

CANMAKE Tokyo celebrated their 30th anniversary at Kuala Lumpur Beauty Expo last week. In conjunction with that, I was invited to the check out their booth and also the new product launch.

Here is a mixture of old and new products. I will give a brief commentary on each of the product and will only do a separate review post for those which I think is worth a single post review. Here is my look using most of the CANMAKE Tokyo products you see here:

The Your Lip Only Gloss is one of the best selling new products in Japan. Upon launching, the first batch was sold out in Japan. It is a lip gloss that changes colour according to your lips natural colour. Interesting? I love this!!! It gives a natural pinkness on your lips and the texture is not sticky at all. However, I would recommend you to try out before purchasing because it can be a hit or miss. The transformation of colour varies from different people. Also, the coverage is very sheer. If you are looking for higher coverage, this won't be the right product for you. There is a range of a few options you can choose from. The one I have is in 01.

Another product which I love is the Lip & Cheek Gel. This is a 2-in-1 product whereby you can use on your lip as a lip stain or on the cheek as blush. So far I've only tried it on my cheek and yet to try on the lips. I love the natural flush it gives. It blends easily on my foundation. Don't be afraid of the strong red colour. It is not as bold as how you see on the pan. Available in 4 colours and the one I have is in 01.

I bought this Shading Powder because my contouring powder already hitting the bottom of the pan. I must be honest that this Shading Powder is pretty average. It does its job for contouring and shading. However, there is nothing to praise about and there is nothing to hate about it too. It is still one of the product which is good to have.

Something which I have not tried, the Matte & Crystal Cheek, a powder blush. From my experience with their previous powder blush, they were all good. So I have a high expectation on this one too. We'll see..

This is one of my favourite - the Eyebrow Liquid. It feels like marker pen which is very easy to manage. The shade is buildable, so you can control whether you want it darker or lighter. It lasts very long and sweat-proof.

Well, on something which I don't quite like is the Secret Color Eyes eyeshadow. The pigmentation is not that strong, so it doesn't suit dark skin people like me. I believe this looks well on those with fairer skin. However, the champagne shade can be used as highlighter, so it's not a total waste.

Finally now, it is time for giveaway! 

Get all these CANMAKE Tokyo merchandise - hand fan, note book, pen, RM10 voucher (valid till 31st December 2015) and the Juicy Pure Eyes eyeshadow trio. Just comment below, "What is/are the product(s) you've tried from CANMAKE Tokyo". Contest ends 13th November 2015.

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Unknown said...

I have try Eyebrow Liquid.=)

Indira Wulandari said...

I guess this giveaway is for malaysia resident only.
But never mind I wanna share my canmake favs products which is : cream cheek, your lips only gloss and mermaid skin gel uv. :)

PanPan said...

I have tried Matte & Crystal Cheek :) Pretty sweet pink on cheeks!

Teng Xwei said...

Canmake mix eyebrow kit of course! Other than eyebrow powder, I use it as nose contouring and eyeshadow as well. For me,this kit is 3 in 1,the best when I travel. No need to bring so many different products,1 kit GAO TIM! The price is affortable as well.

Tzewei said...
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Tzewei said...

Marshmallow finish powder is my favourite recently!