Dec 20, 2015

16 To-Do's in 2016

The year 2015 literally torn me apart. I spent half of my nights crying throughout this year. Slowly, I developed stress. And when I thought I was going to wind down 2015, I slipped into depression. Now I am officially a psycho since I'm under medication and depression is a recognized psychological disorder. I didn't know where went wrong, and when I looked back, all the events are beyond my control.

Instead of crafting a new year resolution, I want to have a to-do list for this coming new year. It is not something I would strictly follow. It's just a guide for me to live a more fulfilling life next year. The list is very general, so I do invite you to join me if you would like to do so...

#1 - Resist temptation

Instead of having to do something, I want to "undo" it.  We are faced with temptations everyday. Some good and some bad. We wouldn't know the outcome until you put your foot into it. To save myself from regret, I want to resist the bad temptation. Hopefully I can slowly recognize which is the good and which is the bad ones.

#2 - Meeting an old friend

I surround myself with people that are available conveniently. Although I always think of my old friends, I never given a thought of wanting to meet up with them physically. I give myself the excuse to stay in because I have spent most of my time at work. I became very stingy with my energy and only rely on my phone to communicate.

#3 - Discover a new hobby

What happen to hobbies? Do you still have one? Or is it being reduced to scrolling Facebook, Instagram and watching YouTube videos? Don't worry if your answer is yes, I am guilty of the same pleasure. I want a conventional hobby that I can enjoy during my weekends and looking forward to it on weekdays.

#4 - Go to a new place

I want to get back on track on my traveling. After I revived my travel blog, I realized I haven't been anywhere. London, Dublin, Osaka and Paris are on my bucket list.

#5 - Get to know someone new

I hardly make friends now. Maybe it is a sign of getting old. Maybe it is a sign of too much betrayal from people I trusted. I need to step out of my comfort zone and get to know one or two new people and eventually get them into my life.

#6 - Achieve something significant at work

Sometimes at work, I'm not sure if I'm doing something right or wrong. Most of the time I'm the lone ranger because I don't have any partner-in-crime at work. I'm not sure what I want to achieve, but I'm sure I want to achieve something... Anything. A pay raise, a promotion, an award...

#7 - Indulge in something I truly want

I always have a "want" list. In fact, I have too many of it. A new car, a new phone, a new laptop, a new bag, etc. I'm going to give myself a good evaluation on what I really deserve and then indulge in it.

#8 - Going somewhere alone

I'm always surrounded by people. I've never travel alone. The only "alone" activities I would do is having short meal or going for a quick shopping trip.

#9 - Plant a tree

I don't have the means to keep a pet, so I decide to plant a tree. It is the same concept of having a pet - to promote life and giving yourself a responsibility to take care of a living thing. And in return, it gives you a feeling of comfort and satisfaction.

#10 - Learn something new

When I was younger, I used to choose a topic-of-the-year and study the topic. I've done space settlement, geisha, art deco, tea art, and world war 2. After I started to work, I stopped completely. I need to continue this to get myself moving forward and discover something in depth. Not only I know about the topic better, I also learn to document things and doing research in more details. What topic should I explore next?

#11 - Declutter

I've been clinging to material stuff for too long. Whatever I see in the store, if I love it, I will get it. This is part of my parent's parenting that gone wrong. I remember having a difficult time choosing which toy dinosaur I want - between T-rex and the bird. When my mom came to me, she put everything she can find on the shelf and paid for it. I went back with 20 different types of dinosaur with a Jurrasic Park to fit them all in. When my dad brought us to snooker centre and taught us how to play, my brother showed a little interest. The next month, he had a snooker table at home!

#12 - To have a house gathering

Isn't it nice to get some friends over for pizza and board games? This is something I enjoy doing but haven't do so in a long time.

#13 - Finish reading a book

I have reduced to reading online articles and magazines. The bite-size reading materials are easy to digest compared to a physical book. Do advise me any interesting book you find recently.

#14 - Do something for my parents

I don't always help my parents in any way. I don't provide for the family. I don't buy anything for my parents. This is because my parents are way more resourceful than I am. It is time I do something for them, but I'm not too sure what I can do for them.

#15 - Initiating an Idea Book

There are 101 things that I want to do, but often neglected due to no time, lack of resources, no money and other similar excuses. If I can't materialized the ideas I have, it is best reduced it into writing. At least, when I'm retired, I have abundance of things to get me occupied.

#16 - Leaving office on time

Sounds like a myth. I hardly go home before 7pm, but next year, it's going to change. I need to create more quality time for myself. 

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