Dec 16, 2015

Baby Steps To A Healthier Life

At one point of our lives, we would take a vow to live a healthier life. Then we will rush into subscribing to gym membership and only visit the gym once a month. Or purchase a yoga mat, leaving it to collect dust in the storeroom. We often make empty promises to bodies (often emptying our pockets with those unfulfilled promises) to live better, eat better, workout, etc. Have you wonder why your plans aren't working?

The answer is simple. You are forcing yourself to change your lifestyle to incorporate the "healthy activities" into it. Exercise is not for everyone, same goes to being a vegetarian is not going to work for everyone. Never force yourself to do something which you are not capable of. Instead, change a few habits to live a better life.

#1 - Sleep
The best gift you can give to your body is plenty of sleep. When you are sleeping, your body isn't resting completely. Only 50% of your body is fully resting while the other 50% of your body is replenishing new cells. Have a regular sleep pattern so that your body knows the exact timing it should start manufacturing new cells for you. After your body is adapted to the sleeping pattern, slowly get rid of the alarm clock.

#2 - Give yourself time off from fan/AC
We are so pampered with the comfort provided by fan and aircond that we slowly accepting it as a must-have in your life. A simple way is to switch off your fan or AC at home a few hours before heading to shower, while doing housework or whenever you wake up. Give your body a good sweat to get rid of your body toxins. Some toxins are removed from your body through defecation and urination, and some need to be sweat out. If you are afraid of sweating, the toxins are going to stay in your body forever. It may have adverse effect to your body in a long run.

#3 - Stop drinking
Not just alcohol. Stop drinking sweet drinks entirely! When ordering drinks, your drinks menu should only consist of plain water, milk and tea. Know your tea well so you can treat it as medication. For example, if you take a lot of fatty food, tie guan yin and oolong tea are the best to reduce the cholesterols, and if you need caffeine substitute, go for green tea or black tea. I am still learning this as I am still clinging tightly on my daily morning coffee.

#4 - Increase walking
We are so blessed with new technologies, we don't walk anymore. Everyone fight for the nearest parking spot to the entrance to save that few steps of walking. Do not train yourself to that bad habit. Force yourself to walk by parking your car at the furthest spot, place your stuff in different rooms, or just opt for walking if your target destination is within 1km. 1km isn't that far if you are used to walking.

#5 - Eat the same portion everyday
Calculate the energy you need to sustain your daily activities and then plan your diet based on the calories. Your food intake should measure the same portion everyday (more specifically, the same amount of calories). Always treat your organs as your workers, the more you eat, the more they have to work. If you maintain the same portion of food intake everyday, your organs work more consistently in a regular mode.

It is not necessary to adapt to all the five habits, you are free to choose to follow whichever suits you. Those are what I did for a healthier change. Always remember, being uncomfortable is good. Some activities can be uncomfortable to your own consciousness, but it can be good to your body. If you manage to get used to some uncomfortable points as part of your daily habit, then you can take a bigger step to a healthier life journey - whether you want to take up yoga class, bring yourself to the gym, embracing vegetarian diet, etc. I hope the sharing is useful. I wish you good health always. 

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