Dec 31, 2015

Summary of 2015 Beauty Trend

We've come to the end of year 2015. This year, we are embracing more daring and experimental look. Let's look back on this year's trend in beauty and let me know which trend you've tried, which one you hate and which trend you're going to bring to year 2016...

#1 - Kylie Jenner Lips

Kylie Jenner broke the lipstick industry by pulling off brown-nude lip colour. Her entire lip package also includes dramatic outline and pouty lips.

#2 - Glitter roots

This is not something which you can wear on a daily basis, but still fun to try out. Watch the tutorial <<here>>

#3 - Inside-out ombre hair

Vertical ombre is so 2014. This year the trend is to dye a darker colour on the inside of the hair and a lighter colour on the outside, or vice versa.

#4 - Vampire facelift

Kim K broke the internet when she posted up her bloody facelift. Also called the selphyl treatment, where patients are injected with their own blood on targeted areas on the face. This procedure removes wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin naturally.

#5 - Dyed armpit hair 

This trend received a lot criticism, where females deliberately dye their armpit hair with eye-catching colours such as turquoise, pink, purple and orange.

#6 - Glass nail art

This is a trend that is easy to follow - glass nail art. Popularized by Korean artist, this nail art involves very little steps and easy to achieve. Check out the tutorial <<here>>.

#7 - Thick, dark & bushy eyebrow

Thanks to Cara Delevingne, thick, dark and bushy eyebrows are back in trend. We've lost this trend since Brooke Shields in the early '90s. Now, it is back!

#8 - Stick on eyeliner-cum-eyelash-cum-eyeshadow

Fendi Spring Summer '15 introduced us a new beauty tool that combines eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyelashes all in one. The good thing is, it is simple, time saving, cost saving and easy to put on. The bad thing is, it doesn't look comfortable.

#9 - The underline

We have not pay much attention to our underline, except underlining the waterline. This year, major underline is in trend where creative underlines are seen.

#10 - 3D Sweater Nail Art

This trend is popularized by Japanese nail art artists. A 3D stitching pattern is drawn onto the nails before painting it with soft pastel colour. This creates a wintern sweater pattern that perfect for autumn/winter. 

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