Dec 27, 2015

Top 5 Worst Beauty Products 2015

Here you go! The worst beauty products I've tried in this year. Let's go through the reasons:

1. Nivea Cleansing Wipes
I tried 3 types of Nivea wipes, and I find it drying my skin. It's OK if you're going to use it as a makeup remover and wash it off later. However, you can't rely on it to do the cleansing job itself. I assume it is the fragrance used in the wipes that making my face dry.

2. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
This mascara performs really good in the first week. After that it clumps the lashes so bad, I had to use lash comb to separate the clumps. I can forgive it if it is a drug store mascara. I just can't accept the fact that I paid so much for it, and it gives me the same problem I have with drugstore mascara. You get what I mean? This is a mascara not worth spending your money on.

3. Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Scrub
The sugar melts before it exfoliates my skin. I could have use the sugar in my kitchen and add some vanilla essence for the same effect. I agree that BBW makes great scented products. But if you want a product for its performance, don't go for BBW. It's worth getting the candles, mist, shower gel and other scented products. Just not the body scrub.

4. L'Oreal Hydrafresh Night Mask in Jelly
I think this product is OK if you're not sleeping in airconditioned room. Whenever I turn on the AC, the night mask didn't provide enough moisture. I wake up with dry skin around my mouth and nose. I expect the night mask to give a better moisture protection compared to ordinary moisturizer, but it didn't. Plus, it has a strong scent which I don't like.

5. L'Oreal Revitalift Day Cream
Another of L'Oreal product. This product leaves tiny white bumps on my face every time I put it on. To be fair, my mom loves it. I guess this product suits a more matured skin. It does minimized the appearance of fine lines on my mom's face. Maybe I will revisit this product after a few years. For now, it is not a product that I would appreciate.

What are the worst beauty products you've tried this year? Let me know why. 


Marsya said...

I use BBW body scrub and currently using it! I love the scent so much that it empowers my bathroom scents beautifully. But I never used vanilla sugar before, I do agree that it kind off melts quick but not so rapid. But I couldn't resist the smell and it also turns my skin squeaky clean! Love this post btw. It makes me caution of some products already :D

Mizu said...

BBW candles are just <3 They have great scented candles :)


Unknown said...

Mine would be estee lauder lip and eye make up remover. Each time i use it, my eyes feel like there's a layer of oil on it. Even if i pour just little bit of it. And yes i did shake it before using it.

Nicole Yie said...

I agree with ur comment on bbw body scrub! I tried the sweet pea one and the smell in the store is different from how it comes out! Plus I felt it's like applying some thick cream onto skin than do the scrubing.


Princess Neverland said...

Didn't expect that Benefit product will be in this list~ I will avoid the mascara then hehe~

Anonymous said...

Oooo, people were raving about the roller lash. Thanks for the honest take! MYR 95 for a mascara? Sorry, I'm sticking to the drugstore ones!