May 17, 2016

Review: Tried & Tested SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence

Previously I've introduced the new SK-II GenOptics whitening skincare on my blog and it became the most-read and most-searched blog post. I figure out that a lot of readers are interested in the GenOptics products, since I have the Aura Essence on hand, I will do a documented test on the product.

The product is very easy to use. I apply it after the Facial Treatment Essence, or it can be applied after toner as well. It is a product that requires layering (means to be used on a step-by-step skincare regime). The product comes with an automatic pump stopper that provides the accurate dosage for each application. The amount that the pump dispenses is the exact amount your skin needs for optimum result. It can be worn underneath makeup during the day.

Unlike other essences that have runny liquid texture, the Aura Essence is thicker. It has a silky and milky texture that able to absorb into the skin quickly. Within seconds, your skin feels matte and hydrated. It leaves a light floral scent on your skin.

Before trying the product, I went to SK-II counter to do a Magic Ring Skin Test. The test gives you a 360 skin analysis on your skin age, percentage of your skin moisture, prediction of your skin condition in the future, etc. Before I use the Aura Essence, my skin age was 31 (not too bad compared to my real age). And within 2 weeks of using the Aura Essence, my skin age reduced to 30. I'm amazed that this product can show result in just 2 weeks!

Product purpose:
The Aura Essence specifically target to reduce dark spots that caused by UV damage. Although it is a whitening product, it does not bleach your skin or whiten your skin per se. The product works from the inside to reveal your skin's natural radiance. At the same time, it reduces the visible dark spots on the surface of your skin.

Who should use the Aura Essence:
Everyone has different skin concern. Therefore, I urge you to go to SK-II counter to get your skin analyse. Although the Aura Essence is a product that suits every skin type, you should speak to their consultant to see if it is the best product for you. For severe dark spots skin, you may be suitable to use the Spot Essence compared to the Aura Essence.

Where to get it:
The Aura Essence is available at all SK-II counters and Sephora. Price is at RM555 for 30ml or RM790 for 50ml. 

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