Jul 10, 2016

Read This Before You Buy a Clarisonic Smart Profile (Malaysia)

When Clarisonic first introduced the Smart Profile, it was restricted to the use of dermatologists, skin specialist and other professional uses only. Not until end of last year, Clarisonic opens up the sale of Smart Profile to general consumers. Since then, I've been seeing positive reviews of the Smart Profile everywhere on the internet.

Why I decided to buy Clarisonic
I've been wanting to get a Clarisonic for the longest time. It is just a matter of which model to purchase. Initially I settled for the Clarasonic Aria but my friend who works at Sephora told me to wait for the Clarisonic Smart Profile, so I did. I justify myself for getting a Clarisonic considering the amount of money I put into facial scrub, deep cleansing products and monthly facial trips.With this device, I hope to end those purchases and cut down my expenses on beauty products and service. By default, this device will help me save around RM100 per month and the return of my investment will only bear its fruit at the 9th month of using the Clarisonic. However, if the result is satisfying, these value would be priceless.

Clarisonic Smart Profile vs. other Clarisonic Models
As I've mentioned, I wanted to get a Clarisonic Aria in the beginning. There are a lot of limitation to Clarisonic Aria. It is made for face only. Considering that the Clarisonic Smart Profile can be used for face, body and pedicure, the value of the Smart Profile tripled. Besides the multiple functions, the Clarisonic Smart Profile also comes with a new feature called the "smart mode". On the T-zone the device is programmed for a 20 seconds cleansing and on the cheek it is programmed with 10 seconds with lower frequency. This is because the cheek is generally more sensitive and needs lesser cleansing power than the usual oily T-zone. Manual mode is also available for those who needs extra cleansing. So you can always switch between the smart mode and manual mode anytime.

What does the Clarisonic Smart Profile comes with:
1. Device handle (currently available in white color only)
2. Magnetic pLink charger & port that fits Malaysian socket plug
3. Smart Dynamic Facial Brush Head
4. Smart Turbo Massage Body Brush Head
5. Refreshing Gel for Face
6. Refining Skin Polish for Body
7. User manual
*** It doesn't come with the device stand as shown in most US kit. But that's fine, the device stand serves very little purpose anyway.

The issue with Clarisonic causing breakouts
There are many testimonials claiming that Clarisonic causing sudden breakouts. Due to this reason I have been delaying my purchase in getting a Clarisonic. After so many years, those who claimed having breakouts from Clarisonic have stepped out to clarify the problem. Actually it depends on how bad your skin condition is. If you have a lot of underlying sebums or trapped sebums beneath the pore, your skin will be proned to breakouts after a few uses of Clarisonic. This problem will not occur again if you use it in a long run. The device will continue to deep cleanse your skin until all the impurities are removed from inside out.

What to do to prevent sudden breakouts when first using Clarisonic
1. Stick to your usual facial wash as oppose to using the cleanser provided in the kit. Your skin is familiar with your usual cleanser and will adapt to the devide better.

2. Make sure you have clean water supply.

3. Use the Clarisonic device sparesly, for example once every two days or once a week. Once your skin is used to the device then you're safe to use it daily.

4. After every wash, remove the brush head and give it a thorough wash. Dry it under the fan or sun to ensure no bacteria spreading inside your brush head.

5. Remove your makeup first before using the device. I know that the Clarisonic suppose to be able to remove your makeup efficiently. However, the makeup residue gets trapped in between the bristles of your brush and hence able to breed bacterias. For hygiene purpose I would strongly recommend you not to use your Clarisonic to remove your makeup.

Do I think you should buy a Clarisonic
I think every beauty junkie should get a Clarisonic, especially the Smart Profile because it gives you a lot of flexibility and usage. For those who constantly apply makeup, this device is really effective in getting your every pores cleaned through. However, if you're a man who needs a simple face cleaning device, the Aria or Mia would do just fine. For a benefit of doubt, let me try it for a month before I can give a comprehensive review of it. So, do stay tuned. I have very high hope for this device, let's hope it won't disappoint me.

The Clarisonic Smart Profile is available at Sephora for RM928.

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