Aug 15, 2016

[Review] Urban Decay Through The Looking Glass Palette

Let me start off by telling you guys, I am really disappointed with this palette. First of all, it took so long for the palette to arrive in Malaysia. I think it was March when Urban Decay announced the Through the Looking Glass palette and it's already August. What happen in between the gap? For Pete's sake, we're now on the trend of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. We remember Alice from Through the Looking Glass like it was last year.

And when I finally got my hands on the actual palette, I am amazed that Urban Decay still keep the entire cardboard style of packaging. The metallic rim that you see on the side of each eyeshadow is printed and it is not metal or plastic. I had a bad experience with the previous Alice in Wonderland palette. The cardboard box really don't help in keeping the products and the glass mirror inside. It is pretty disappointing to see the same cardboard box come back again.

Then, there's the issue of the lipstick. Apparently, there is an issue with the lipstick that the brand faces with MOH. This is why the palette has been held for so long. According to Urban Decay, they will substitute it with something else of similar value. Unfortunate that didn't happen. So we only have the palette with no lipsticks.

I think I should stop complaining, but there's more! The price is RM300 for the palette which I think is ridiculous. Our US sisters are paying USD60 for it, which cost us about RM50 more!

After all the entire series of unfortunate events, the palette itself is a disappointment. The color payoff is poor and it doesn't have that usual Urban Decay quality in it. Let me get into it when I describe each of the color. But first, let's talk about the amazing design on the packaging.

The box itself has that mysterious and interesting Alice's aura. When you open the lid, there's a blue butterfly pop up and a mirror that says We're All Mad Here. From my previous experience with the Alice's palette, the mirror is pretty useless. And I also don't open up the lid at all after awhile.

The back of the box shows all the colors that the palette has and their peculiar names for each shade. The photos on the back of the box are graphically accurate compared to the actual shade. So if you intend to check this out in the store and there's no tester, you can flip it to the back and have a glance of what you will be getting.

The actual product sits in the drawer of the box. It has a cute saying "I know how I was when I got up this morning but I must have changed several times since then". This is a quote from the original Alice is Wonderland story uttered by the catepillar. 

When you pull out the drawer, it reveals the beautiful palette. The palette is able to detach from the box (unlike the previous one). It is pretty easy to work with it since the box is really bulky and the top lid is really unnecassary.

Let's get to the swatches of the eyeshadow:

Looking glass
Iridescent white. The color don't translate on my skin. And it takes a lot of layers before a fair bit of the color shows up. Very poor pigmentation.

Matte green with speckles of green and blue glitters. This is one of the unusual color and definitely a good one to have in the palette. However, the glitters aren't as obvious as it is seen on the palette.

Pink iridescent. This is an interesting color. On the palette it looks (without a single doubt) pearly white. But once swatched, it is light pink iridescent.

Heads Will Roll
Matte sea blue with white glitters. This is another interesting color here. The swatch translate the color exactly like how it's seen on the palette. However, the glitter is not that apparent when applied.

Matte drak gray with blue and purple glitters. On the palette it looks like dark royal blue but when swatch the color appears to be dark gray. Again, the glitters don't show up much on the eyelid.

Matte nude orange. This color sinks into my skintone and vanish into it. For those with midtone skin, you won't appreciate this shade at all. However, if you have a darker skintone, this may be a beautiful color to blend between two contrasting color.

Gone Mad
Matte dusty purple with pink and blue glitters. This is the worst shade in the entire collection. The color is patchy. It is hard to blend. I don't understand why Urban Decay chose to feature this.

Matte brownish orange with pink glitters. Again this color don't show on my skin. But I'm sure it is going to look great on lighter skintone.

Matte dusty navy blue. It has fair pigmentation and one of the rare color to find for eyeshadow.

Dream On
Full glitter dusty purple with gray base. This is the second worst shade in the palette. I couldn't manage with the fall out of glitters and it is messy to put on.

Matte warm orange brown with yellow glitters. The shade translate into pure matte when applied. The glitter hardly show. This shade is great to creat hallow on the eye socket. 

Iridescent warm orange wih yellow glitters. This is probably the best color on the palette. It is very pigmented and easy to blend with.

Iridescent saddle brown with yellow glitters. This is also another great shade. The glitter is not apparent and the color takes a few layer to show. Not the best in terms of pigmentation, but definitely a useable shade.

Salazen Grum
Iridescent plum red with pink glitters. A gorgeous shade. Not an easy shade to wear but it would be one of those conversational color if you were to put it on.

Iridescent espresso brown with pink glitter. The color is muted but pigmentation is fantastic. It is a daily wear shade but nothing special.

Matte true blue with blue glitter. It is hard to describe this blue and the color don't appear as it is on the photo. The nearest description is PMS 2718 from Pantone. Beautiful color but needs a few layers to get to its full potential.

Iridescent fushcia with pink glitter. Good pigmentation. Good color payoff. 

Matte soft brown. This reminds me a lot of M.A.C. Cork. It is one of the usual brown you can find in neutral palette. 

Royal Flush
Iridescent pearl white with white glitter. This is very similar to the Urban Decay bride. Although on the palette it looks warmer, but when applied, you can't see the differences between the two. A good shade to peck on for extra glam.

Iridescent fossil gray with white glitters. When I first applied, it appear patchy. After a few layers and great amount of blending it began to behave. 

It comes with a duo-ended brush. Both sides of the brush are blending brush, instead of the usual one side flat. They're not that effective to pick up the eyeshadow.

I have to compare this palette with the previous one and find this extremely disappointing. The previous palette comes with two different 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil and a Primer Potion. The eyeshadow were hit and miss. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and all of it mentioning how great the pigmentation is by using their fingers to swatch the product. It doesn't work that way on the eyelid when you applying it with brush.

On another hand, the color combination is great. UD also features some rare colors such as Hatter, Heads Will Roll, Metamorphosis and Cake. These are the colors that you won't buy on its own and you don't see them in any of the eyeshadow palette in the market. Kudos to that. The design of the packaging is also interesting and deserve to be applaud on.

I'm using the Royal Flush, Heads Will Roll and Mirror. It looks great and fun to play with the different combination of colors. I can't wait to try the other shades on. Let me know which shade you love from this palette. Will you be getting one (after you have read my unfavorable review)?

The Alice Through The Looking Glass palette is available at Urban Decay store for RM300. It is NOT available at Sephora. I repeat... It is NOT available at Sephora. 

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