Sep 27, 2016

[Haul] My Althea Tony Moly Pokemon Haul

It feels like yesterday I just put up the post on the Althea's Tony Moly Pokemon collection, and it is now right in front of me! I can't believe how fast my Althea package arrives, especially it is shipped out directly from Korea. I can't wait to dig in into it...

Who needs two facial wash? No one, unless if it comes with cute packaging like this...

I just knew that in Korea they call Squirtle as Kkobugi and a list of others Korean Pokemon names can be found <<here>>. I've tried the facial wash. It is foamy type and has subtle scene to it which I can't figure out what smell. It cleans off my makeup pretty well so I saved one step in my night routine. I wouldn't say it is the best facial wash and you have to get it. It is a decent facial wash. I'm getting it for the fun of it, and not because of its efficacy.

The handcream is extremely hydrating and it smells great. If you're thinking of getting something for this collection for the sake of being a fan of Pokemon, get the handcream. It is non-greasy, moisturizing and last really long. I put on at my work desk and it has caught a lot of attention so far.

#InMyLife - I've started to plan my trip to Europe and I must say I am extremely disappointed with Airbnb so far. First attempt, the owner did not respond. Second owner told me the property is booked during the period I will be there. When I went the next day to check out, his property was still in the listing. On my count, 4 owners did not respond. And finally after I manage to complete one booking, the owner sent me this:

I refused to cancel because I will be imposed with charges and requested her to cancel instead. It took me a lot of ping pong match with her because she too, refused to cancel because she will be imposed penalty. Well, it isn't my fault that she can't perform her part of the contract. To cut the long story short, she canceled the deal. I was going to give up on Airbnb until I found out the company did not refund me at all. Instead they gave me a credit to book for my next property and the property has to be higher price than the current one.

What common sense is this???

I didn't do anything wrong but now I am forced to continue with the service even though I am deeply upset with their administration. For the sake of utilizing the monies that I have paid, I need to book a property there.

I don't know if anyone experienced this before. Have you ever use Airbnb service before? And what is your story with them? 

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