Sep 12, 2016

[Review] L'Occitane Lavande Shower Gel

Product name: Lavande Shower Gel
Available at: L'OCCITANE boutiques or L'OCCITANE Online Price: RM90
Size: 250ml

This is one of the L'OCCITANE's hidden gem. I hardly see this shower gel being promoted by L'OCCITANE. It is my ultimate favourite from the brand, this is why I'm taking a bit of my time to introduce this shower gel to you. With its 100% organic certified reputation from the Ecocert Greenlife, you will get an original and natural scent of French lavender in the bottle.

I know it is a luxury to use a RM90 shower gel, I swear I don't splurge like this all the time unless it is really necessary. I still use my usual family-sized Dettol shower gel but I reach out to this lavender shower gel whenever I need a little pampering, especially during my night shower. It leaves a fantastic lavender scent that puts me to sleep almost immediately. And the next day when I wake up, the scent gives me a fresh start for the day.

If you have a hectic work schedule or have problem falling asleep, do try out this shower gel. I promise it is worth every penny. It works best with the Lavender body lotion. And as a bonus, I find this shower gel deters mosquitoes as well. Perhaps it is the strong citrusy scent that keeps the bugs away. 

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