Sep 26, 2016

What's in My Office Beauty Essential Bag

Working in office is not exactly a good environment to promote beauty. With all the stress to increase your fine lines and air-conditioning around the clock can really kill your good skin cells. Like most office ladies, I have my own Office Beauty Essential Bag which I leave in my drawer in case of emergency.

Before getting into the bag, I just want you all to know that I don't do my makeup to work anymore. No, I'm not lazy. But I decided to have an extra half hour of sleep. Although looking pretty is worth getting up, but at this point of time I could use some extra energy.

Here are the stuff I have in my bag:

1. Lipstick
I always prep a bright colour lipstick in my bag in case I have guests or visitors during the day. With my genuine no-makeup look, my face can look tired. A bright colour lipstick can change the entire look. I love bright coral for this matter. Currently, it is the Laneige Two Tone Lipbar that is in this bag.

2. Eyeliner
Another great product to brighten your face is eyeliner. Within a minute, it can transform a girl-next-door to a diva. If you're one of those who constantly have no makeup look during work days, keep an eyeliner for emergency times (like when suddenly a good looking angmoh decided to pay a visit). I have the cheap and faithful Maybelline Hyperglossy Eyeliner. It costs only RM18+ during sale, and I wouldn't feel so bad if it's dried up.

3. Mascara
Of course when putting eyeliner, you have to apply mascara as well. I normally have the Maybelline mascara, but currently I switch to the Physicians Formula Organic Wear. It isn't the best mascara due to it staining my under eye after a long day. It makes me look like I have really bad dark circles. The organic formula doesn't withstand the oil that accumulates around my eye. I still prefer the Maybelline one. Will switch back after I finish this tube. It isn't that bad to the point that I want to chuck it out.

4. Hand Cream
Hand cream is a MUST if you're working in an office. Aircond is the biggest culprit of destroying our skin. After a few hours, you will feel that your hands are dry and your cuticles get flaky. I particularly love the L'OCCITANE Acacia Hand Cream because it is non-greasy, smells great and last a long time.

5. Perfume
I always have a small bottle of perfume with me, in case I need to meet some outsiders. I realized I smell really bad, especially if I have to walk through the production area. The Jo Malone 30ml bottle is a perfect size for traveling (and in my case, to leave it in office). To date, the Blackberry & Bay scent is still my favourite. It is very refreshing and has a hint of fruity smell in it.

6. Shower Gel
You must thinking, what the heck? But yes, I do have shower gel in my office beauty bag. This is because we have an in-house gym with shower room. There are a few times that I find I had to go to KL after work or coming back from KL and have to get back to work. A quick shower will totally refresh my body. So I leave a small bottle of shower gel in the office. The current one I'm using is the Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine.

7. Eye Drop
This eye drop saved me from so many situations. Sometimes I wake up with sore eyes that won't relief. Sometimes I get dust in my eyes. Most of the time my eyes are just too tired after staring at the computer for a long time. This Rohto Cool Eye Drop has a cooling sensation that refresh my eyes immediately. Apparently the Lychee version works better but I haven't got a chance to try it since it's only available in Japan.

8. Massage cream
Another, what-the-heck item here. I suffer from bad shoulder ache due to my scoliosis problem. I have to go for a physio rehab in my company's in-house clinic every Wednesday and Friday. For temporary relief, I massage my own shoulder when it gets too painful. The L'OCCITANE Aromachologie Rebalancing Massage Cream not only serve as a massage cream, it also works really well for aroma therapy. I used to use Tiger Balm but it smells so strong that my colleagues thought I was sick or something...

9. Pocket Mirror
This is self-explanatory. I believe many of you also have a hand mirror in your office drawer. I really love the Shiseido handmirror which was featured in their Ultimune Christmas set two years ago. The spotless gold hardware and carving makes it looks like a revived antique mirror.

10. Makeup pouch
Lastly, the statement pouch that keeps all the items is from Sephora. I love how it says "contouring is my cardio". It really is. My arms get so tired and sore from blending that I believe a little muscle have probably grown out of it.

So tell me, what is your usual beauty item that you stock in your office? 

#InMyLife - There's nothing much happening in my life except work. I can't say the same for my work because there's so many things happening in my working life. My company is taken over my our US parent, that itself is a lot to talk about. On top of that, I have to prepare for 2 awards that will be granted to my company. The day after the award presentation, I have an audit. This is the reason why I haven't blog so much. It's draining a lot of my energy. When I got home, all I wanted to do is to sleep. Also, it's been awhile since I go back to my hometown. I've missed out so many family outings. My cousin moved to UTHM and luckily I managed to catch up with him twice at Batu Pahat. And another cousin flew off to London. I didn't get to send him off but planning to do a trip to London soon. Do recommend to me the beauty products in London, if you have any...

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