Oct 26, 2016

2016 Beauty Advent Calendar Blockbuster Part 1 (Available in Malaysia)

This year, there's a huge influx of beauty advent calendar flooding the beauty market coming this Christmas. I had to break this post into 2 parts - 1st on those available locally and 2nd on those available overseas. First things first, I have to explain that "available in Malaysia" simply means the brand has a presence in Malaysia. I'm not entirely sure if the brand will be bringing the advent calendar into Malaysia market. That, I will leave it to you to find out at the respective stores.

If you are not familiar with advent calendar, it is a calendar specially made to count down in anticipation of Christmas. It is a tradition that parents prepare little surprises for their kids each day during this period to increase the excitement of Christmas. Seeing an opportunity in this, many brands adopting the same concept by making their own advent calendar. These calendar consist of little treats made of sample or deluxe sized products.

Although you're suppose to open each of the box according to the date, many brands already reveal the content of the beauty box, which I think defeat the purpose. To keep your excitement, I won't explain the content (I'm not exactly sure what they feature as well). Prices will be quoted in various currency. I believe it won't be much difference if you convert it into RM.

Benefit Cosmetics (USD45)
Benefit is my favorite and the advent calendar is something which I look forward to every year! I have been getting it the past 2 years and both are extremely satisfying. It has a mixture of deluxe sized skincare and makeups which allows me to try out before purchasing a full size. Take note that this year's advent calendar is not a full one (24 days) like previous year, I think it's only half the date - 12 items.

Clarins (£95)
If you have not tried Clarins products, it is great to get this advent calendar. It comes with various products. You don't only get the best seller skincare, but also some Clarins makeups. It is a full 24-items advent calendar. Really worth the value.

Ciate (USD59)
My girl friend, Christine, loves the Ciate advent calendar! Not only the packaging is done so tastefully, the content is also carefully selected to fit the holiday mood. You will get 18 nail polish, 2 nail toppers, 2 nail treatment, nail file and a full size nail polish. Polisholics are going to go crazy for this.

Wanderlust Advent Calendar with beauty goodies.... Woohoo!!!! This is a combination of my two favourite hobbies (travel + beauty). I'm not sure what products you will get in it, but I'm sure it's going to be pretty colourful (I mean pretty and colourful)!

The Body Shop (£99)
I am a fan of The Body Shop products, but when it comes to the advent calendar, I feel like there's a little lack of excitement. First of all, it is because the content are from their permanent range. You won't find the Christmas limited edition products in it. Secondly, the price is really expensive even though the values is way above what you are paying for. Anyway, no harm to get one if you have been wanting to try their permanent line best sellers. I'm just bored of the content because I'm a regular The Body Shop user.

Diptyque (£165)
I love Diptyque candles and the perfume. And it is also one of my most expensive candle collection. When I know Diptyque is having its own advent calendar, I jump in joy. And when I know the advent calendar comes with a full size candle from the Christmas limited edition, I literally died. I must get this!!! Granted the price is expensive, you will get 4 times of value. Unlike other products that come in sample sizes, the candle will last almost a year. You don't have to get the full sized candle and be bored of the scent. This is a super great advent calendar to get if you're a homey person.

Kiehl's (£95)
Another skincare goodness. I see a lot of randomness in the advent calendar, including men skincare. This is a great opportunity to try out the many range of skincare Kiehl's have. I already tried half of the content in this issue from the little deluxe sized gifts, so I would skip this.

Bare Minerals (£75)
This is packed with plenty of makeup products. Also there is a mixture of different shades and colours which is a bonus. See the photo below and get all excited.... Makeup junkies should really get this!

Another of my favourite skincare brand. The L'OCCITANE advent calendar is really affordable compared to other brands. Even though the price is low, it doesn't compromise on the value. There's a perfume miniature in the last year's version and other best sellers in the collection. I definitely recommend this. Do get your hands on this as quickly as you can. It is a sellout every year!

Decleor (£60)
To be honest, I have never tried any Decleor products before even though I got some of the deluxe sized products from beauty boxes previously. The brand does not appeal to me and the advent calendar doesn't attract me in anyway. Though, I must say the box looks really luxurious.

Jo Malone (£280)
One of the most expensive advent calendar from the stash, mainly because Jo Malone products are expensive to begin with. It is a premium fragrance house and a brand fit for the Queen (literally). It includes some of their new scents and the collection comes with a mixture of body products, candles and hand products as well. The box comes in a drawer concept, so you can reuse it as an organizer. As a die heart Jo Malone fan, I will be snatching this before it is sold out.

Marks and Spencer (£35)
It is not confirmed as to whether M&S will be bringing this to our market. Some of the brands included in the advent calendar are not available here, so don't get too excited over it. The value of the product adds up to £250, but minimum spending is applied in order to purchase this advent calendar. If you can find this in M&S here, do snatch it.

Sephora Collection (USD45)
Sephora minion rejoice! It is the very own Sephora home brand advent calendar. I must admit that I'm not really a fan of their home brand, but they do have good quality products. Do you know, they shares the same manufacturer as Kat Von D, Too Faced, and many more.

Clinique (£65)
All the good things from Clinique can be found in this advent calendar. It is a full advent calendar with 24 deluxe sized products packed in it. As a bonus, the box is very pretty with little treats printed on it.

Estee Lauder (USD275)
The veteran beauty brand have joined the advent calendar hype with their very own Holiday Count Down Set. It comes with our old favourites (such as the night repair serum) and new love (such as the bronzer). This is one of the luxurious ones, perfect to be gifted to our moms. The price isn't cheap but definitely worth it.

Laura Mercier (USD170)
The name of this advent calendar is called The Iconics. And as the name suggests, it comprises all the best sellers from Laura Mercier. The sizes are travel sizes which are relatively large, unlike other brands that feature pathetic sample size. The products sit in a sturdy cupboard box that you can reuse for storage purpose. One of the best!

Yankee Candle (Price N/A)
Unlike the typical boxes, the Yankee Candle advent calendar comes in a carousel box that screams everything festives. It is not a full 24-days advent calendar, but it is packed in all the holiday scents candle. As a mood booster, this is definitely the best option to give someone who is homey. Also, a great gift if you're invited for a festive party.

Paul & Joe (USD91)
It is all white Christmas for Paul & Joe collection. This is also unlikely to be in the market in Malaysia, but do try your luck. Because the lipstick is to die for! It is such a pity that the box is in pop-up style so it isn't reusable after you reveal the products. The illustration is so pretty, you won't want to open the little windows.

Pheewwww.... That was a long list of advent calendar for us to choose. Well, there is no rules saying you have to get only one. Get it all, if you can, but if you can't I will summarize for you:

Best in terms of value - Clarins
Best in term of packaging - Laura Mercier
Best in term of luxury - Jo Malone
Best for gifting (friends) - Yankee Candle
Best for gifting (loved ones) - Diptyque/Estee Lauder
Best for gifting (teenagers) - Benefit/NYX/Ciate
Best in terms of skincare - Kiehl's
Best in terms of makeups - Bare Minerals
Best in terms of affordability - L'OCCITANE/Benefit
Best for those in budget - Benefit/Sephora Collection/Yankee Candle

Do take note that Malaysia may be late in receiving the advent calendar due to logistic. And also, the brands may not feature their advent calendar in our market because Christmas isn't the main holiday here. Since this year is different and many brands are jumping into the advent calendar hype, we might have a little luck in getting all of it here.

One advice I can give is, be prudent when spending on the advent calendar. They're all worth it in terms of value. But may not be worth it if you're not going to use all the products. Set a budget or focus on the thing you want.

Will continue with Part 2 of those not available in Malaysia (in case you're going overseas for holiday you can get some treats for yourself). 

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