Oct 13, 2016

[Haul] Sephora Black Card Sale Stock Up

Hi, my name is Jerine. And I am a beauty addict. How do I put this in words... I am attracted to the colours and all the wonderful packaging of the beauty products. I feel like I need to own it. Once I own it, I feel happy and excited. I could be addicted to drugs, you know? So I don't think it is a problem. When Sephora sent me the newsletter on the 20% discount for Black Card members, I resisted. I swear I resisted...

And then I found out I have another problem. When Sephora sent me the last SMS at 11:00pm the last hour of the sale, all hell broke loose. I lied... I lied to my friend that I won't buy anything. I lied to myself as well. In less than half hour, my cart was filled with all these items below. It could be more than this if most of the stuff don't sell out.

Let me go through my rationale for picking these items up so that I will feel better and also you can judge whether you should also purchase it:

Tarte Fanciful Favorites Deluxe Discovery Set (RM138)

I have never tried any product from Tarte before except the Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara which is really great mascara. This deluxe sized set is great for me to try out various products before jumping into a full sized product. This set features 3 products of their best seller - (1) Maracuja Oil, (2) Amazonian Clay Blush, and (3) Fanciful Lights Camera Lashes Mascara. I've been looking forward to try the blush because it is one of the highly raved product in YouTube beauty world. Also, there is another range of mascara for  me to try out as well. Deluxe sized like these are convenient to carry on when traveling, so I am stocking this up for my Euro trip. The Maracuja Oil will be useful for the harsh winter season.

ZOEVA BAMBOO Luxury Set (RM379)

I have my justification for spending so much on brushes. First of all, I need to buy contour brush and face powder brush. I have exhausted both of my brushes and I think they're due to retire soon. At the same time, I need a second brush for foundation. Everytime I wash my brush it didn't dry on time the next day. And I need a blush brush because my Laduree blush brush is too pretty to use, it hurts my heart everytime I use it. For all the 4 brushes, I would expect to pay about RM400. So the price for this brush set is justifiable with 8 full sized brush. I have no regret with this purchase because I believe it is value for money. The brushes comes in practical sizes that can cover foundation, concealer, powder, blush, contour, higlighting, eyeliner and eyeshadow. On top of the 8 amazing brushes, it also comes with a brush case that protects the bristles of the brushes and another pouch for makeups. Whenever I go travel, I will just need to pick up all the brushes and they're adequate to cover all the needs. From the first look of it I think they're all high quality. The handle looks extremely gorgeous (the rose gold version is also stunning). Will definitely write a review on this after I try it out.

Lancome UV Expert XL-Shield (RM195)

Sunscreen is a basic beauty necessity. I didn't have the habit to put on sunscreen until recently. Once I started applying it religiously I find that the dark spots on my face reduced. Right now I would feel really guilty if I don't apply sunscreen and head straight outdoor. Lancome is one of the skincare brand that I love, so this purchase is highly driven by the fact that I love Lancome. This sunscreen has SPF50 and lasts 12 hours. Currently I am using Kiehl's and I am looking forward to try out the Lancome one.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (RM120)

This is not my first time purchasing the UD Naked Basics Palette (for swatches please click here). First of all, it has amazing eyeshadow combination for me. All the colours a neutral and easily blend. I love to bring this whenever I go traveling or on-the-go when doing my makeup. It is one of the most convenient palette ever created. But one thing that I hate, the packaging sucks!!! I threw away my previous palette due to the packaging melted and causing sticky feelings when you hold it. It also picks up all those dirt which I think really unhygienic. To substitute the eyeshadow that I threw away, I have been looking for a similar neutral tone one. Unfortunately I have not find a single one that fits my requirement. So I'm going back to the same palette and hopefully it won't turn so sticky that soon.

Burberry Kisses Lipstick Tulips Pink (RM110)

On my very first purchase of Burberry beauty products, Sephora threw in a free gift in my purchase which is the Burberry Kisses lipstick. I fell in love immediately once I swatch it. The texture is so creamy and glides on smoothly. When applied on the lips, the colour is so vibrant and pigmented. The free gift colour is Military Red which is not exactly a suitable colour for everyday wear. So I'm getting the Tulip Pink for my daily use. If you're looking for a lipstick, I highly recommend this. (P/S: Don't get the Full Kisses Lipstick. The packaging sucks. Will provide full review soon)

Too Faced Melted Lipstick Ruby (RM100)

I've never tried any product from Too Faced before. I've heard many great reviews on their blush, eyeshadow and the Melted lipstick. The packaging is definitely eye catchy. And there are so many celebrities eager to partner with this brand. One of their famous product is the Melted Lipstick. It is not a bad idea to get one to try. From the swatches I searched on various beauty blogs, they look amazing and flawless. This could be a lipstick that's good for dry lips.

I think that sums up my haul for the Sephora Black Card sale. That's not a lot isn't it? Anyway, I've received some questions about the Sephora Black Card, so here are some of the FAQs:

1. How do I get the Sephora Black Card?

You need to have Sephora White Card first. You will have to accumulate 250 points or spend a minimum of RM750 (RM3 = 1 point) to be upgraded to the Black Card. You need to be active purchase for 18 months to render your points valid.

2. When do the Sephora Black Card Sales happen?

It happens annually. There is no fixed date but mostly it happens just before the Christmas stock comes in. This year it happened between 6th-9th Oct.

3. Any shopping tips?

Skip the queue and purchase online. Browse the products online two days before. Hit the wishlist button on the products you would like to buy. Get to the store to swatch and test out the product (you can skip this one). When at home, amend your wishlist. As soon as it strikes 12am on the sale day, move your wishlist into your cart and check out. I know there are a lot of efforts here. You can just go online on the day of sale and purchase it. It's totally up to you.

Anyway, did you haul on some products on the Sephora Black Card sale? Let me know if I missed out anything that I should have gotten. I will get it the next time.

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