Oct 19, 2016

How to minimize breakouts when using Clarisonic for the first time

If you are considering to get a Clarisonic and have done your research, you will know that using it for the first time may cause breakouts. The first week when I get my hands on the Clarisonic, I experienced the same but it isn't that bad because I did some situation control. I am going to share with you some tips on how to reduce breakouts when you first embark on your journey with Clarisonic.

Don't use daily
Lower the usage frequency. Start by using it once a week for the first month and then gradually increase it to once every two days. After your skin gets seasoned to using Clarisonic, you can use it daily at night. I won't recommend using it day and night because I experienced some skin peeling if I use twice a day. Instead, I am using it at night only.

Continue using your daily skincare products
When you purchase a new Clarisonic, it comes with a Clarisonic facial wash. Do not use the facial wash in the beginning. Continue using your usual facial wash for a few weeks before switching into the Clarisonic brand facial wash. Don't stress your skin on so many changes at once.

Use anti-bacterial toner after washing
Clarisonic device deep cleans your skin. When first using it, the sebum will surface. If in contact with bacteria, that's when break out happens. To reduce the effects, use anti-bacterial toner such as tea tree, lemongrass or lavender.

Frequently do extractions
Some stubborn sebum that gets stuck in the pores may cause breakouts as well. You have to perform extraction on your skin frequently to get all the dirt out of your face. You don't have to go to the beautician to perform extraction. Just do a simple one at home to get rid of some black head and white heads that stuck in the pores.

Clean & dry the brush after using
Do not leave the brush in the bathroom. It will breed bacterias in cold and dark condition. After using the device, remove the brush head and leave it in airy and dry area.

If you follow all the recommendations above, you can reduce some breakouts. You might still get some breakouts. The skin may not get used to the new clean condition. Getting a Clarisonic is actually an investment. Do you have the intention to buy one? Do let me know what questions you have, I will answer it for you.

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