Oct 6, 2016

[Review] Rire Luxe Gel Tatoo (No.2 Grey Brown)

Finally! A product that is made to make all housewives pretty! Eyebrow products is one of the product that makes a huge difference on your face. If you want to look energetic, refreshed and well-maintained, you should have your eyebrow done. I love this product because it takes so little effort to get my eyebrow done. And it lasts for 3 days. I can't help but to think about my friends who are moms that keep complaining they have no time to groom themselves. Well, this is a perfect solution!

Product name:
Luxe Gel Tatoo (not sure if it is spelled correctly this way? But this is how they printed on the packaging)
No. 2 Grey Brown
Product function:
Temporary eyebrow tattoo
Available at:
Made in:

·         Temporary solution for sparse eyebrow.  For those who have eyebrows that close to non-existent, this can be your savior!
·         Stays on even after washing for 3 days.
·         No need to apply eyebrow products over and over again.
·         Easy to use and no fuss. The product comes with a soft wand which you can apply directly onto your eyebrow.

·         I really can’t think of anything bad about this product, other than it requires a little bit of practice to get the right eyebrow shape. But that would be a user factor and not product issues.
·         On clean face (without skincare and makeup). Apply the product directly on your eyebrow using the brush wand. Let it dry for about 1 hour (in my case, I waited only 30 mins), and peel off from the end of the end of the eyebrow. If the colour is not dark enough, you can reapply second layer.

No make-up & Shin Chan eyebrow

The peel off

The result

It looks so natural, like I was born with it. I must agree I'm not very good at shaping the eyebrow due to lack of practice. But I know I will get better. 

Besides moms who are always rushing, I also recommend this product if you're going for holiday, especially if you're going to the beach or pool. It is totally waterproof. You will still look good after all the splashes. 

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Xin Yu said...

Love it! will try it after i finish my current brow pencil! :)