Oct 26, 2016

Too Faced 2016 Holiday Collection - The Chocolate Shop & Grande Hotel Cafe

I'm skipping the Beauty Advent Calendar post to bring you another Christmas collection - the Too Faced 2016 Holiday Collection.

Last year I missed out the Too Faced 2015 Holiday Collection because it sold out immediately. So I swear to myself that I will be the first to get it this year. True enough, I'm one of the first to get this Too Faced 2016 Holiday Collection. Wheeeee.... See, if you wish hard enough your dreams can come true! Hands down... Every year Too Faced has the prettiest holiday collection ever! Last year the theme was Parisian chic, and this year it is all about New York cafe.

In this year's collection, Too Faced came out with 2 big set of eyeshadow palettes and a lot other miniature sets. The one I'm about to show you are the 2 main things: The Chocolate Shop and the Grande Hotel Cafe.

To start of, let me apologize for the bad lighting. When I received the package it was around 4:30pm. By the time I begin to take the photos, the sun was setting down. I didn't get a good shot due to the lack of sunlight. I just can't contain my excitement to share with you this pretty thing. (And also my bestie keep asking me to blog). I will retake better photos and replace this one when I have the time. So, at the mean time please accept these poor lighting photos

The Chocolate Shop

This is the biggest set in the entire Too Faced Holiday collection. It cost RM277 and exclusively available in Sephora. The box is pretty bulky. Let's dig in to see what's inside:

It comes with a Deluxe Shadow Insurance (eyeshadow primer), Deluxe Melted Lipstick in Chocolate Milkshake (this lipstick is super great), and a Deluxe Better Than Sex mascara (the best selling mascara). Below the box is a huge eyeshadow palette.

It contains 21 eyeshadows of mixed texture & finishing, 1 highlighter, 1 contour and 1 blush. It suppose to have chocolate scent but I don't smell it. Anyway, let the swatch begin...

Dessert's On Me - A pearl white with shimmer. Extremely great shade for highlight.
Raspberry Rose - A subtle crimson pink in matte. A disappointment due to the chalky texture.
Sugared Raisin - Dark champagne rose with a hint of pink with glitters. Too much fall outs, not a fan of this one.
Glaze - Off white. Matte. Too chalky as well.
Cake Batter - A mixture of brown and orange. Matte. A great color for transition.
Butterscotch - A bronze gold shimmer. The best texture of all. Very creamy, great pigmentation and colour pay-off.
Banana Date - Light milk brown. Matte. Very chalky.
Sugar Bells - Classic silver shimmer. Extremely satisfies with the pigmentation and colour pay-off. Looks like a silver foil.

Mint Chip - Dark teal blue with shimmer. Good pigmentation. The swatch doesn't look like how it is on the pan.
Indulge - Champagne gold with glitter. A lot of fall outs as well.
Cookie Dough - Milk chocolate with gold shimmer. Poor colour pay-off.
Guilt-Free - Taupe. Matte. Chalky and not blendable. Such a pity because it could have been a great transition colour.
Tootsie - Intense hickory brown. Matte. Great colour for the outer lid for smokey eyes.
Gingerdoodle - Light gold in shimmer.
Chocaholic - Tortilla brown. Matte. Chalky effects, not my favourite.
Toffee Crunch - Tawny brown in matte. Great pigmentation but average colour pay-off.

Lava Cake - Dark chocolate brown with gold shimmer. Great pigmentation and colour pay-off.
Honey Dip - Classic gold with shimmer. Average pigmentation and colour pay-off.
Pound Cake - Champagne in orange shimmer. Slight fall out. Average pigmentation and poor colour pay-off.
Jingle Berry - Irridescent violet. Shimmer effect. In certain angle it looks like blue.
Huckleberry - Black with purple shimmer.
Inner Light (highlighter) - Champagne yellow. Subtle shimmer.
Chocolate Soleil (contour) - Matte tawny brown.
Chocolate Covered Strawberry (blush) - Barbie doll pink blush.

Grande Hotel Cafe

The Grande Hotel Cafe is a more compact version. It comes with 3 separable eyeshadow palette and a Deluxed Better Than Sex mascara. The price is slightly cheaper - RM244. Each palette supposed to smell like the name but I don't think they got the scent right. It just smells like really bad process food.

Eggnog Latte Palette

Frosty Nog - Off white. Matte. Poor pigmentation and colour pay-off. The colour doesn't reflect when applied on the lid.
Eggnog Latte - Champagne frosty gold. Great colour pay-off but poor pigmentation.
Iced Coffee - A tawny brown with shimmer. Looks darker when applied on lid than on the pan.
Skinny latte - Milk coffee shade in matte. Good pigmentation and colour pay-off. Great transition colour.
Cold Brew - Peanut brown in silver shimmer. Good pigmentation and great colour pay-off.
Central Park - Emerald green with gold shimmer. One of the best colour in the collection.
Peach Cobbler (blush) - A salmon pink blush.

Gingerbread Cookie Palette

Ginger Cream - Pale skin colour. Matte. One of the better matte in this collection.
Maple Syrup - Mocha brown. Matte. Good pigmentation and colour pay-off. This looks like can double up as a brow filler as well.
Gingersnap - Old gold. Shimmer. Very intense colour. Great colour pay-off and pigmentation.
Winter Dream - Rose champagne with pink shimmer. Too many fall outs in this one as well.
Cup of Joe - Wood brown with slight gold shimmer.
Black Coffee - Intense dark gray. Matte. Good colour pay-off and pigmentation.
Gingerbread (bronzer) - Light brown contour with very subtle gold shimmer.

Peppermint Mocha Palette

Peppermint Cream - True white. Matte. Good pigmentation and colour pay-off.
Christmas Blend - Light gold in yellow gold shimmer. Good colour pay-off but pigmentation isn't good, but isn't that bad either.
Peppermint Mocha - Chocolate brown with very subtle gold shimmer.
Candy Cane - Strawberry milk pink. Matte. Poor pigmentation and colour pay-off.
Sprinkles - Magenta. Shimmer. Good pigmentation and colour pay-off.
Coffee Chip - Oak brown with gold shimmer. Poor pigmentation and colour pay off.
Santa Baby (blush) - Tulip pink blush.

The Better Than Sex mascara in deluxe size is also included in the Grande Hotel Cafe set. I think it is a great addition since it is the brand's best seller. It is great to try it out before getting a full size.

Overall opinion

The good thing:
I think both the sets are amazing in terms of the packaging. I really love how they portray the New York Christmas feeling and incorporate all the holiday foods into the shades name. There is a mixture of shimmer and matte. The shimmer has very good pigmentation and colour pay-off. The extra bonus products such as the mascara, eyeshadow primer and lipsticks are great add-ups. The highlighter, contour shade and blush are also wearable.

The bad thing:
In terms of the shade selections, I am bored with the repetitive browns. Although they look different on the pan, but when applied on the lid you can't tell the difference. The matte ones are pretty chalky and disappointing. It doesn't reflect the true quality of their previous matte eyeshadow. The Chocolate Shop shades look really similar with the Nikkie Tutorials Palette also from Too Faced. If you already have that, you might want to skip the Chocolate Shop palette.

The better option:
I think the Grande Hotel Cafe is a better option compared to The Chocolate Shop if you are choosing to get only one. The price is cheaper and you get almost the same amount of eyeshadow. Besides, it is separated in three palette so you can easily bring it to travel and doesn't take up much space. Each of the small palette is adequate to create a look since it has all the necessary shades for highlight, transition and shading.

So what do you think? Does it appeal to you? Will you be getting any of the Too Faced Christmas collection? If yes, which set are you going for?

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