Nov 22, 2016

Makeup Tips for Muslim Girls

I'm not sure what to put in the title. It supposed to be "makeup" tips, but I'm not going to drop any makeup tips. And I think it should be "makeup removing" tips, but we're not going to talk only about removing makeups. Anyway, this post will suggest you convenient ways you can adopt while keeping your responsibility as a Muslim.

I have very close Muslim girl friends throughout my life -

In primary school my friend Aimi who sat next to me in class;
In secondary school, Nadia who accompanied me for lunch and the many activities we had in school;
In uni I had Shikin, my BFF til now and ever;
When I started to work, I had Ida, my housemate and also my colleague;
Even when now, I have Umi who sits right next to me, she's also my boss that tirelessly guide me everyday.

There's one common thing that these girls have when it comes to beauty - they have to remove their makeups midday for prayer. It becomes a hindrance to them put on makeups during the day because they constantly thinking of the hassle to remove the makeup. Here is a compilation of tips that I dropped for my Muslim friends if they want to look good and convenient to remove the makeup before prayer:

1. Keep a pack of makeup wipes
Makeup wipes are the most convenient thing invented. Keep a pack in your bag so that you can remove your makeup easily and fast with no hassle. You can check out <<this post>> to see which makeup wipes suit your needs.

2. Make your own makeup remover mixture
To be honest, makeup wipes are expensive and aren't environmentally friendly if everyone starts using it. One of my ex-colleague mixed her own makeup remover spray. She adds makeup remover oil (Biore) and water into a spray container (buy from Daiso) with a ratio of 1:1. Whenever needed, just shake the bottle well, spray on your face and massage thoroughly until all the makeup dissolve. Wash your face to clean off the makeups. It is economical and convenient.

3. Use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation
To get an even skintone, ditch the foundation, CC cream and BB cream. Instead, go for tinted moisturizer. You can remove the tinted moisturizer with just water. My all-time favourite is the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It has SPF20 which provides adequate shield for daily day wear.

4. Keep a minimalist daily look
Take care of your skin well and you can easily pull off the minimalist or bare skin look. With just tinted moisturizer, eyebrow gel, and tinted lipbalm, you can look well-groomed and presentable. In case for emergency, swap the lipbalm with a bright colored lipstick. Most importantly, avoid waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Removing it is like scraping off a layer of paint. It will also cause black-ish stain around your eyes if not removed properly.

5. Keep a touch up pouch
After removing all the makeups, touch up with some simple products - compact powder, eyebrow gel, mascara and tinted lipbalm. You don't have to carry the entire makeup collection around. Just some minimal products that can make you look presentable will do.

6. Avoid foundation transfer onto your tudung
I know this might happen to a lot of you who are wearing tudung - where the foundation on the rim of your face gets transferred to your tudung. One way to avoid that is to spray on makeup setting spray or makeup finishing spray. (Commercial break: Mary Kay's Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia is pretty good. Contact me if you are interested to try out). Another way is to cut a thin film of plastic (the one we use as cover for book printing) and put it in the inner part of your scarf around your face.

If you are a Muslim, do you think the tips above help you? Do you have any other tips that you can drop here for me to add up to the list?


nydia anies said...

Thank you for the useful tips.. I normally avoid waterproof mascara and eyeliner.. Im the lazy one to remove and touch up thats y most of the time, bare face is better.. But for sure i look like zombie.. hahah.. :p

HanaBlurbs said...

Thanks for the tips! Usually I'd skip having anything on my face except skincare during weekdays to work. Most of the time I would just grab lipsticks so my face won't look so pale hahaha... once awhile I would also do my eyebrows :D

Nisa said...

great tips! never thought of creating my own makeup remover mixture, def will give it a try. i normally have wipes with me but during felt it was not clean enough on days that i put on some extra make up