Nov 11, 2016

[Review] Burberry Kisses in Tulip Pink & Military Red

My current favourite lipstick. Hands down, the most moisturizing lipstick, smooth as butter and glides like a waterslide. That's a little exaggerating but this lipstick deserves all the praise I can give. I hardly come across lipstick that is so perfectly made and this is one of the rare. Not so rare now since you can pop into Sephora and get a tube for yourself to try.

You get my point. It's a good lipstick. And I just want to share with you my experience with it:

Burberry Beauty
Product name:
Burberry Kisses
Product function:
A hydrating, effortlessly buildable lipstick that glides on multiple, satin finishes with one shade. This weightless lip color delivers a customizable look, leaving a single touch of color for understated sheen, or you can apply three layers to create intense depth and vibrancy. The rich infusion of satin-finish pigments with shiny polymers offers luminous brilliance. Infused with Burberry’s signature blend of rosehip, tea, and lavender, its ultralight texture glides on with maximum comfort while providing continuous hydration.
Tulip Pink & Military Red
RM110 each/3.3g
Available at:
Made in:
·         Extremely hydrating. It is moist on the lips as long as it stays on your lips. It doesn’t leave drying feeling and won’t peel the skin of the lips.
·         The shade is buildable and flexible. For a sheer wear, apply a single swatch. For an intense color, apply 2-3 swatch for more opaque coverage. You can turn from normal day wear to night party mode with just 1 lipstick.
·         Extremely great lipstick for everyday wear and I recommend every girl to have this in your purse.
·         Sleek and stylish packaging. The square base might be a little bit bulky to some, but great as a protective measure if you are going to keep this in your handbag. It won’t open up accidentally even if it gets to the bottom of the handbag. Secured with magnetic cap.
·         Just one downside – Pricey.

Tulip Pink

Tulip Pink - under sunlight

Tulip Pink - in the shade

Military Red - 1 swatch vs 2 swatch
Top Tulips Pink; Bottom Military Red

I am so fortunate to have Sephora send me the deluxe size Military Red. I fell in love with the texture of the lipstick and I knew I had to get a more muted colour for everyday wear. I choose the Tulips Pink because the colour suit every occasion. It is a light tea rose pink. Meanwhile, the Military Red is a universe red. 

Don't take my word for it. Go to Sephora this weekend, and try it for yourself. Anyway, just so you know, this is not sponsored. I purchased the lipsticks with my own money.

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