Nov 24, 2016

Ten "Halal" Beauty Brands to Try

"Halal" cosmetic is going to be the next big thing in beauty industry. However, Malaysia is a little backward in adopting this movement but we are definitely picking up. Slow but sure...

When we talk about halal, as a Malaysian, we immediately assume that it is "porkless" and "non-alcoholic". Well, almost 90% of the beauty products in the market are non-alcoholic and porkless anyway, why can't we call all of them as halal cosmetic. The term halal coins a deeper meaning. Even the operation of the business has to follow Islamic law.

Besides those local "mak cik" brands that are established in Malaysia, here are some of the awesome & younger brands that I think worth a try.

1. Flomar

Flomar is a famous drugstore makeup brand from Turkey. The brand is technically an Italian brand, however the products are manufactured in Turkey. It is a big brand in Europe compared to in Asia. In Turkey itself, it represents a quarter of the beauty market share. The brand is available in Bangkok, but so far in Malaysia, it is just sold by individuals who "smuggled" it here. Their specialty is on coloured cosmetics such as eyeshadows, blush, and lipsticks. This is one of the brand that I am interested to bring into Malaysia. Do let me know what do you think? Is it a good idea or a bad one?

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2. WOW by Wojooh

WOW by Wojooh is a home brand of Wojooh, which is a beauty supermarket in the Middle East (just like Sephora). The brand is more of a high-end addition to the luxury brands that Wojooh house. The colours and trend are highly inspired by Middle Eastern culture - you will get foundation with the shade called Desert Camel and eyeshadow palette called Mosaic Madness. Expect to pay about RM90 for a tube of lipstick. WOW by Wojooh is exclusively available at Wojooh.

3. Huda Beauty

Everyone knows Huda Beauty, right? The brand is made in popular by Huda (very famous beauty blogger from Dubai). Who am I kidding? Huda Beauty is Huda's own brand. Rumours say that the Huda Beauty Lip Contours are made by the same manufacturer as Kylie Lip Kit. Rest assured, the Huda Beauty quality is much better than Kylie Lip Kit. Besides the Lip Contour, the Rose Gold eyeshadow palette is highly sought after by makeup artists. I'm not entirely sure if this brand is halal or not, but I guess if it's good for the Middle Eastern girls, it can be good for us too.

4. Forest Colour

Our very own premium herbal cosmetic brand. The brand is halal certified and supports green initiative. Yes, we can tell by its name. Forest Colour is conveniently available at Guardian KLCC. And you can also purchase the products directly from their website. What I recommend is the Collagen Blush and Collagen Velvety Lip Colour.

5. S'N'B' Wash Off Nail Polish

A lot of Muslim girls can't wear nail polish due to the inconvenient removal process when they have to pray daily. S' N' B' Wash Off Nail Polish will solve all that problem because you can simply wash off the nail polish with water. Two downside of this product is - you can wash your hands after applying it because it will be diluted into the water, second is it can be very costly to keep applying after you wash it off. However, when attending special events, this nail polish comes really hand.

6. Samina Pure Makeup

Samina Pure Makeup is a certified halal brand established by Samina Akhter. It's main market is in the Europe. The ingredients of the products are 100% plant and mineral based. No animal trances can be found in their products. The best sellers are the foundation, mineral powder and lipsticks. So far, this brand has the strongest brand presence that has a certified halal status.

7. Sariayu

Sariayu is a brand under the umbrella of Martha Tilaar, which is a cosmetic giant brand in Indonesia. It came to my surprise that this brand isn't available in Malaysia although it is HUGE just right in our neighbour country. Some friends told me that the brand is spotted in Mydin but they don't carry the entire range. Only the skincare, bath and body products are available. Sariayu has the best and most pigmented eyeshadow in the drugstore range. They have over 100 shades of eyeshadow to choose from. There's even a book that published to showcase their eyeshadows. The price are very reasonable as well. For as low as RM12, you can get a decent lipstick. The trio eyeshadow is no more than RM20. By chance if you happen to go to Indonesia, do snatch some back here. And get me some of their Borneo collection eyeshadow, please.

8. Zuii Organic

Zuii Organic is a certified organic cosmetic brand in Australia. It isn't certified halal, but the ingredients are definitely safe to be consumed. Their best sellers are the skin tone correcting products such as foundation, concealer, makeup base and face powder.

9. Paul Penders

Paul Penders are our very own Malaysian brand which is certified as 100% natural and plant based. There isn't a wide range of cosmetic products, but the skincares are very effective despite mild on the skin. The manufacturing plant is in Langkawi, surrounded by forest and sea. You may have seen this brand in some of the beauty saloon around town.

10. Khadija

Khadija is a brand from Paris. Despite its luxury packaging and quality products, this brand actually just started to kick off. Currently the brand is involved in beauty roadshows and expo to gain attention of the halal beauty market. Apparently the brand is inspired by the beauty of the Prophet's 1st wife. The nearest to get the products are in Indonesia.

Photo from HijabTrendz

I believe there are heaps of halal beauty brands out there which are yet to be discovered. If you know of any halal certified cosmetic brands, do let me know, so I can add to the list. 


Anonymous said...

Dont Hudda lipsticks contain alcohol?

Just said...

We also have Wardah, Emina, and Mustika Ratu.

Patricia Carter said...

The products are quite nice. I had no idea Huda Beauty is halal.
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