Dec 17, 2016

#IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag by Street Love

Hi all! Just some updates about my life. Earlier in September, I felt a pinch in my job. I was going to get out of job, so it seems. My position was redundant. Some of the days I just sit in the office and watching Youtube videos. It seems, 2017 economy crisis will hit us bad. Being afraid of losing my job, I started a new project (to be announced soon). I need a platform to jump to just in case I am going to be jobless. It is seriously scary since I have a few commitments to attend to. But December strike me with another surprise. My company will be going production full swing. In fact, we will hit the busiest time in history. Directions are coming in and I was back in my duty. It's a good news.

However, life is also taking a toll on me because I am getting so busy with my job, at the same time I have to continue with my project because some money have been invested in it. On top of that, I schedule a holiday because I thought I had nothing to do at work. My home is a complete pig sty with pile of clothes to be washed, folded and iron. Even if I have 48 hours to spend for a day, I can't possibly complete everything.

My point is, it is easy for my to slip into depression with almost the entire world on my shoulder. In the end, I just have to keep going. Whatever that has to be done, has to be done. I cannot sit around and sulk. I can't let my emotion and depression to take control. If I do, everything that I have will slip away.

When Fiona of Street Love came out with her #IWillBeOkay beauty bag for charity, I told myself I need to support the course. Not just that she's an amazing friend in my beauty blogger circle, I acknowledge the hardwork she puts into perfecting the beauty bag. I have experience in managing beauty box, it is not easy to get sponsors and balance the expectation of the beauty box subscribers.

The content of the beauty bag is amazing (I had to take photo out of frame to fit everything). Let's check out the beauty stuff inside the bag:

Clinivita Placenta Concentrate - something I've never try before... placenta! I have a mixed feeling when I got this, but let's hope for the best. I'm sure it will be a great product since I've heard a lot of positive reviews on placenta products.

Pure Beauty CC Cream - This is a limited edition additional product for lucky subscribers. I guess I'm really lucky to have it out of the many subscribers. It is a CC Cream that comes with  SPF30 PA++.

Linden Leaves Body Oil - This is my personal favourite. And it comes in time for me to bring over to London. Since my skin won't behave well during winter, it would be a great product for me to bring over. The size is also plane friendly. Big huge thumbs up for this.

Breena Beauty Eyeshadow Brush - There are two variant to the brushes if you subscribe to the beauty bag. The one I received is the basic eyeshadow brush.

Murad Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum & Essential-C Day Moisture - Murad is one of the great skincare brand. It is one of the rare brand that give immediate effects after first use. The bag also comes with a RM50 facial voucher.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Finishing Powder - I'm not a fan of this product but I will include this in my giveaway. I'm sure someone else would love it since the packaging is adorable.

The beauty bag also comes with RM50 Mini Mini Cafe (Mid Valley) voucher. That's a generous amount of voucher. You can have a meal there!

Total value of the content is around RM600+, but the subscription only cost RM99. It is limited, so if you want to subscribe it, do so fast. To subscribe to the beauty bag, simply fill up your details <<here>>. 


Suzan Baker said...

Life is definitely a blessing. Being ok is the right attitude to go with it.
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Patricia Carter said...

loving your makeup accessories and the travel bag is cute.
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