Dec 18, 2016

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Makeup Brushes & Vanity Accessories

I have said this a million times and I'm going to say it again... Laduree has the prettiest product design for makeups (like ever!). So far I have not seen any other brand that topped the designs. I may be biased because I am a fan of anything Marie Antoinette, therefore anything inspired by her theme gain my love immediately.

After trying out the Face Color Rose Blush, my subsequent investments were a bunch of makeup brushes and vanity accessories.

I bought them separately because Laduree doesn't sell their makeup products in sets. Albeit the products are very pretty to look at and definitely sets a high standard to all other vanity accessories, they are not really that practical.

The brushes are pretty but they don't work that well. I got the foundation brush (purple), powder brush (blue) and cheek brush (pink). The foundation brush (purple) is too soft and hard to manage. The bristles have mind of it own when I'm stippling my foundation. The cheek brush (pink) which is a blush brush doesn't pick up sufficient products. Whenever I apply my blush with this brush, I had to reapply a few times to get sufficient blush on my face. Meanwhile, the powder brush (blue), is not big enough. I use it as contour brush.

If I am going to recommend to you, I think the brush holder and hand mirror are better purchase. The brush holder has imprinted Victorian head and gold base which make every vanity feel very luxurious and princess-y.  And the hand mirror is a little bigger than palm size which makes it very convenient to have in your purse. It comes with a pouch as well.

Each of the product cost around 50euros each. So they aren't cheap but definitely worth it especially the brush holder and the mirror. 


Suzan Baker said...

That is a great pair of brushes. To use and and to look at.
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Patricia Carter said...

Very classy brushes. They look so incredible.
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