Feb 8, 2017

Guys, These are the things Your Girl Wants for Valentine's Day

Forget about fancy dinner. Forget about flowers. These are the things your girls truly wish for. And if you're looking to get something for your girl, pick one of the below:

Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection

Yes, Better Together. Cliche, I know... But it's the best thing of the lot that you can get for her. Heart-shaped box, checked. Red lipstick, check. Sultry eyeshadows, checked. Get it from Sephora. Cost you RM280. Not a bad price to pay.

Laduree Face Color Rose Blush

Why give her a rose, when you can give her a rose petals blush. This blush is arguably the prettiest blush every made in the world. Not only this will make her feel like a French princess, it also has a light fragrance to it that calms her down whenever she does her makeup. Get it from Amazon <<here>>. It will cost you USD140+

Lancome Rose Highlighter

Another rose which you can give... The Lancome Rose Highlighter is pretty and works like wonder as well. Highlight her beauty by giving her this pretty highlighter.

Lavie Flo Beauty & The Beast Rose

If you insist on giving her flower, get the preserved flowers from Lavie Flo. Add some fairy tale to your gift and pick the Beauty & The Beast flower jar. Get it from <<here>> for RM98.

Kate Spade Cameron Street Small Byrdie

If your girl is a fashionista, she will love this everyday handbag. The size is just right to fit all her necessity. On top of that, the bright red will give a pop to her outfit. Get it from <<here>> for USD248

I'm pretty sure your girl will love any of the five items above (if your girl is an IT girl who keeps up with style at all times). If you decide to get any of the above, let me know what's her reaction when she receives it. Thank me later... 

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