Mar 28, 2017

Paul & Joe Cat Figurine Eyeshadow

Meow! Any catlover will scream their head off over these beautiful....... (guess what)..... yes, EYESHADOW!!!

In conjunction of Paul & Joe's 15th anniversary, the brand features a set of arguably the prettiest eyeshadow palette in the world. It would be wrong to call it an eyeshadow palette because it doesn't sit in a pan like ordinary eyeshadow. It is compressed eyeshadow that shaped into cat figures. What an innovative invention! The eyeshadow comprises 6 pastel colors - sky blue, milk chocolate, nude beige, sakura pink, gunmetal gray and dusty pink.

The eyeshadow is not sold by itself, but it comes in a commemorative set with a practical jewelry drawer box, cat shaped makeup pouch, cat lipstick and the eyeshadows in tin box.

I don't know about you, but the cats resemble gummy bears to me. Remember to keep it out of children. I have a question and do answer me honestly, if you ever get your hands on the eyeshadow, will you ever use it?

The anniversary box cost  ¥9500 and will be available for sale from 7th April. Any friends going to Japan soon? Check out the product on Paul & Joe site

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