Mar 18, 2017

[Review] Huda Beauty Liquidmatte Lipstick - Halal Lipstick?

Huda Beauty needs no introduction. I believe it receives the big hype as the Kylie Lip Kit. There are also claims that the Huda Beauty Liquidmatte and Kylie Lip Kit are very similar and possibly from the same manufacturer.

Today I will focus on the Huda Beauty Liquidmatte only. This lipstick is also known as a halal lipstick. We will analyze the ingredients at the end of this post to see if it is really halal.

I got this mini Liquidmatte from Sephora Champ Elysees. The Huda Beauty section was packed with girls wanting to try its products. The queue was as long as 20m. It is a big deal, especially in Sephora because other brands didn't get that much attention compared to the Huda Beauty crowd. Needless to say, I didn't have the chance to get through the line, but I still had the urge to get the Huda Beauty products. These mini Liquidmatte are placed at the payment counter, so it was really convenient for me to grab a set.

The mini set comes in four chocolate shades - Trendsetter, Flirt, Spice Girl and Vixen. Each tube has 1.9ml, which is very little product but it is a great size to try out the different colours.

L-R: Vixen, Spice Girl, Flirt, Trendsetter

The texture is extremely fluid and runny. It feels like spreading sheer liquid foundation on. It takes about 3 minutes for the lipstick to dry completely and create the matte texture. When it is set to matte, it is hard to come off and doesn't smear even when you eat greasy food. To remove it, simply wipe it off with makeup remover. I find that the oil based makeup remover works better compared to the other types of remover.

Top L-R: Trendsetter, Flirt. Bottom L-R: Spice Girl, Vixen
The color is indeed very beautiful. However, the colors are very close in terms of the shades. Well, it is called the Brown Edition anyway.

I personally do not like the feeling of matte liquid lipstick because it creates a thin film feeling on the lips. I know a lot of girls do not mind that because in terms of long-wearing and the color vibrant this is a great lipstick. To top that, it doesn't cause chap lips and dry the lips. If you love matte liquid lipstick, this is by far the best that I've tried. It's even better than the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in terms of texture.

Well, now let's dive into the ingredients of this lipstick to find out what it is really made of. Let's see if the halal tag is indeed really halal...

Isododecane = A type of solvent to create weightless feel on the skin
Cyclopentasiloxane = Silicone
Cera Alba = Beeswax
Trimethylsiloxysilicate = Silicone based polymer
Polyproplsilsesquioxane = Polymer
Octyldodecanol = Long chain fatty alcohol
Disteardimonium Hectorite = Clay mineral
Mica = Minerals
Alcohol = Alcohol
Ethyl Vanillin = Synthetic molecule
Phenoxythanol = Preservative to limit bacterial growth.
Parfum = Fragrance
Propylene Carbonate = Solvent
Aqua = Water
Phospholipids = Fatty acids
Coffee Arabica Seed Extract = Coffee
Olea Europaea Fruit Oil = Olive
Ascorbyl Palmitate = Antioxidant
Linoleic Acid = Colourless liquid at room temperature
Retinyl Palmitate = Vitamin A
Tocopheryl Acetate = Vitamin E
Lycopene = Red pigment

From the list of ingredients, it is obvious that the lipstick contains alcohol. I know that consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Muslim faith. However, after consulting my Muslim girl friend, she said that alcohol per se is not prohibited. It is the act of intoxication that is not allowed in their faith. And according to her, the amount of alcohol used in cosmetic is too little to cause intoxication and Muslim girls have been using alcohol based products for many years, such as perfume, nail polish, nail polish remover, etc. Unlike other products, lipstick is worn on the lips and we tend to eat it. Indirectly, applying the lipstick will result to you eating the ingredients as well. Whether it is halal or not, I guess I will leave it to your own judgement.

Overall, I love the Huda Beauty Liquidmatte Lipstick but not so much that I will wear it everyday. But I will leave it for special events or occasions when I need a long lasting lipstick.


Mieza Everdeen said...

In cosmetics, halal product means that there is no animal origins (ie: lemak babi) in the ingredients list. As for alcohol content, chemically speaking it will never cause mabuk at all so it shouldn't be a problem. As a Muslim myself, it irritates me when other super conservative Muslims who knows nothing try to bash cosmetic users whenever they see the word alcohol. Being overly cautious without knowledge pun tak boleh juga.

Nisa said...

wah would love to try this hype up product soon

Anonymous said...

Salam, was looking for halal matte liquid lippies and found this page :) Thanks for highlighting the ingredients. Usually people neglect this aspect and go just for the colors and brand. Hmm, I would say that from what I know, I wouldnt use this because of the alcohol and secondly, we should beautify ourselves strictly in front of husband, mahram and other sisters only. Not in front of public/non mahram men.

Whatever it is, best to consult a scholar/ulama. Find certainty rather than gamble just to be "beautiful". Have a good day. 🌻

Unknown said...


I would like to give an improtant piece of information. The alcohol mentioned is specifically denat alcohol. And to furthur read whether it is halal or not see tge link below <3

Thank you for the post.

Anonymous said...

Cera Alba is not halal.

Anonymous said...

May not be* my bad!! I'm not 100% confirmed about it.

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Anonymous said...

Ethyl alcohol may be not halal. Alcohol derived from wine is haram. Dye or colourant (eg red pigment here) may comes from plant or animal. Certain vitamin may comes from animal. Some animal product may be not halal too but not all.

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Unknown said...

Linolic is haram

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Petter said...

This set contains all the pinks and reds that are in! Great deal of long lasting lipstick online! Very reasonable! You are bound to find a shade of pink or red to definitely match with your complexion!