Apr 25, 2017

6 Tips in Engaging with Wedding Makeup Artists

Recently I decided to learn about male makeups. I always wanted to be a makeup artist but I do not have the talent in eyelining and eyeshadow. So I have to focus on male makeup only. I focus on male because I feel that males are just as vain as the females and they too, want to feel beautiful especially on their big days.

During my research, I have spoken to a lot of makeup artists and mostly wedding makeup artists. Here are some of the tips that I personally compiled. If you're getting married soon, or know someone who can benefit from these tips, be sure to share it with them.

#1 - Source your makeup artist at least 3 months before
Ask for recommendations and call up the makeup artists yourself. While planning for your wedding it can be really messy and you probably delegate this task to your sister or friend. You need to feel the bond with your makeup artists. If the bond is not established, there will be disaster waiting for you.

#2 - Provide adequate information
Remember to provide enough information to your makeup artist so that they are able to create a great look for you. Information such as (1) what dress you are wearing, (2) what is the lighting condition at the wedding venue, (3) is it an outdoor or indoor wedding, (4) what is your groom wearing, (5) the theme of your wedding, (6) are you going to change outfit in between, and (7) how long will the event last.

#3 - Send selfies
Send 2 selfies to your makeup artist - one bare naked look and another one with mild makeup. The makeup artist may want to study your face feature and to see which look you should go for. Remember to also mention your skin condition - dry or oily, sensitive, etc.

#4 - Give 3 sample looks 
Get 3 looks that you want to achieve, whether online or from magazine, and send it to your makeup artist. Despite a professional, they need to study the look as well. The sample will give them the idea whether the look suit you or not.

#5 - Prepare your product
A lot of people assume that makeup artists have enough supply of makeups to complete your look. The truth is, we don't. If you have a specific foundation or a limited edition lipstick you want to use, bring it along. It also helps if you let the makeup artist know before hand. Someone of us just can't live without our favourite lipstick shades.

#6 - Test makeup (Optional)
This is completely optional, but recommended for you to do a test look before your big day. Sometimes what the makeup artists imagine to be might not be able to carry the same translation onto your face. You should do the testing at least few weeks before, in case you don't like the look, the makeup artist can research better or have time to do some adjustment. If it is really bad, at least you have the time to source for another makeup artist to do the job.


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