Apr 23, 2017

[Haul] Singapore Beauty Haul

Singapore beauty scene is a lot better compared to Malaysia in terms of choices, prices and they are able to get new stuff faster than us (apparently this is due to our Health Ministry strict approval check list). Whenever I'm there the must-visit stores are Sephora, LUSH, Watson & Sasa. Here are all the stuff I grabbed, plus, I will be giving away two items from my haul soon. Can you guess what they are?

First, I will share what my friend gave me for my birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas and all the festive season lump into one gift. I think she is crazy for buying all these. It must have cost a bomb!

The most practical is the (1) Crabtree & Evelyn handcream & lipbalm. If you read my post on "What's in my friend's makeup bag Vol.1", you can find the same lipbalm in her bag. I have hundreds of handcream and lipbalm but they run out really fast, so this very practical to me. I have tried the Jojoba lipbalm, it will dry up all the chapped lips and reveal the soft skin on your skin. She also got me the (2) Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette to complete my Naked palette collection. This palette is so expensive that I can't get myself to purchase it. Anyway, this review will be up soon because one of her condition is to write a review for her. (3) Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub. Personally I know how to make this sugar scrub but it takes too much effort because of the temperature sensitivity and also I need two more pairs of hands to help out when making the sugar scrub. I can already know how effective this scrub is before using it, but I just don't want to break open the product. (4) YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in the shade of Corail Sulfureux, which I already worn on my cheek. It is easiy blend and the color withstand long hour.

Among my friends, there's always give exchange moments. While in SG, I grabbed a Pandora charm for Lady Alie's baby shower. My friend is having the third baby now, and here I am... multiplying lipsticks in my collection.

There was a great deal for Bath & Body Works - 3 wick candle for only SGD15. I wish I could buy more, after thinking that I had to carry it everywhere, I decided to buy only 1 candle. The Pure White Cotton scent smells like 5-star resort. While waiting at the cashier, I conveniently drop a small bottle of body wash into my basket.

My friends were trying to get the super popular Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss from Japan and apparently it is sold out everywhere. I tried to find it in Malaysia as well but it is sold out as well. Surprisingly, I found it in Watson SG. Without hesitation, I put two of the different shade into my basket. There's not many left, in fact I got the last piece of the right shade. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that think this is the best lipgloss ever.

Next, are also my favourite Japanese brand - K-Palette. I attracted by the packaging first. It's Disney!!!! And it's Alice & Cinderella!!! Although I bought it purely for the packaging, it turned out to be really great products. The 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner has the same quality of their usual eyeliner, with pimped up packaging of Alice in Wonderland. And the 1 Day Tattoo Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Liquid is actually a liquid eyebrow pen and on the other side, it has eyebrow powder to set the liquid. This eyebrow pen is super amazing.

Something I did not expect to like so much is the LUSH Jersey Bounce shampoo. I've always wanted to get shampoo that is made of natural product and LUSH is one of the brand that I could think of. I had my doubt at first, so I bought a small tub to try. After using it the first wash, I fell in love with this shampoo immediately. The next day I went back to grab a large tub.

And I found my favourite Australian brand Australis. Check out the Top 10 Must-Buy Australian beauty brands. The CYA Later Pores Spot Primer is exactly the same as the Benefit Porefessional. And the Primer the Original is exactly the same as the Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer. I'm glad that with just a fraction of the price I am able to get same quality product from Australis. I also grab the Banana Powder as a setting powder under my eyes. This is the brand I go for during my poor uni days. I loved it so much and I'm sure I will love it now as well.

If you have read about the Coco Cafe experience blog post, you know that I did bought something from there, don't you? Here are the amazing stuff I got for myself - Rouge Allure lipstick in 174 Rouge Angelique (very similar shade to Charlotte Tilbury Hepburn Honey and the Powder Blush in 89 Fleur de Lotus. The blush smells like fresh roses. I haven't try it yet, but I already love it.

Lastly, I also brought back a bunch of H&M Beauty products. I have never tried any of the beauty products from H&M. I am super excited about it. I will also giveaway two products from H&M as seen below, to you. But I will post up the giveaway after the Unicorn Brush giveaway ends.

I am super excited to try all of the products and I will post a review on it soon. Since there are so many things, which product review do you want to see first? 


Unknown said...

naked palette pls... wanna see the swatches.. :)

Jerine said...

Ok boss

Shad said...

Next after naked palette is Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss, pretty please.. hehe. 💓💓