Apr 9, 2017

YouTube Beauty Guru You Should Follow

I'm always on the look out for good beauty guru to follow. Not only they are informative, up-to-date with the ever changing beauty industry, they are also entertaining. Previously I have blogged about which beauty guru to subscribe to, and I checked, it was published almost 3 years ago. Since then I have some new favourites added on to my subscription list. And here they are (in no particular order):

#1 - Tati

I love Tati for her originality and she is not commercially sold out. She still retain the old school beauty product reviews and trustworthy at all times. She purchased most of the beauty products she featured and always put a disclaimer if she is being sponsored or the items were sent to her from PR companies. She is also unbiased towards high end or drug store products, so you can definitely get a wide range of beauty product reviews. I hold onto her opinion on those reviews because I find that she is always on point and she discussed about the products thoroughly.

#2 - The Very French Girl

Like how her name represents, she is a French girl and she is very French. I love her French accent, I think that is super sexy. Her beauty look also embraces the French quality - simple, classic, presentable and practical. The product that she uses for her tutorial are basic, you can probably find it in your dresser already. She doesn't have good shooting equipment, but I look into the quality of her video content so I don't mind her vids aren't studio perfect.

#3 - Tina Yong

If there's any new cool stuff in the market, Tina tries it. She is always up to date with new products and reviews it. Before I go out and spend my money on those hype products, I will watch how the product in action in her video. She also purchases all the products with her own money, so her opinion is not swayed commercially. Be sure to add her to your subscription because you really need to listen to her reviews before making a purchase on those newly hype products.

#4 - Jen Luvs Reviews

Get up to date weekly with JenLuvsReviews' What's Up in Makeup which she uploads every Sunday night (Malaysia local time). The show features all the new stuff that yet to launch so you can stay up to date on what's coming in the beauty industry. I also love her for her originality and straight-to-the-point review. I find that her channel is a little cluttered with all the Makeup Minute updates, but I can keep an eye closed for that.

#5 - KlairedelysArt

Disclaimer: The makeup tutorials done by KlairedelysArt is totally out of this world. It is not your average makeup, they're makeups fit for a movie screen. I believe she is a professional makeup artist for movies. She is forever creative and inspiring. I subscribe to her channel mainly to feed my creative thirst. Whatever she did, I can't replicate even half of the quality. If you're into movie makeup effects, you should follow her.

#6 - Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is an inspiring figure. Her channel not only focus on beauty, it covers all aspect of her life, including fashion, home décor, and life updates. She also represents darker skin girls, so you can easily find a match of what she is using if you're also belong to the darker skin section.


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