Jun 30, 2017

June 2017 Favourites

It's mid-year now, so what have you achieved so far? On my side, nothing much changed other than I got busier everyday and I also notice that I keep falling sick. Anyone can advise what I should do about it?

Here's my favourites for this month:

I stumbled upon a familiar face on a book cover on my usual run in the bookstore. It's Holly Madison, my favourite Playboy bunny of all time. She doesn't want to be associated with Playboy now, and the book tells it why. I know her from her reality TV show Girls Next Door, when season 5 ended, the last scene I saw of her was she packing her bags for Las Vegas photoshooting. She never came back to season 6 and all of a sudden I find it no point to continue watching the show. Down the Rabbit Hole book fills in all the mystery fans want to know about her life - before, during and after her life at the Playboy Mansion. I believe there are different stories about her, but this is the part of her story that she wants to tell. When I was watching the GND show back then, I can see that she's underappreciated. She's a talented and smart woman, yet in the show they portrayed her as a dumb blonde that living in the shadow of Hugh Hefner. It's good for her to release this tell-it-all autobiography which (I can feel) a major relieve for her to put everything behind. It is also good for the readers. Like her old-self, I believe a lot of girls out there suffering from toxic relationship. If they have Holly's spirit in taking the matter into their own hands and walk out of it, they will find the happy ending they well-deserved. I haven't come across an autobiography that I can read it all in one day. Despite the thick book, I finished it within two days although I encountered few cramps on my leg. This book is too entertaining to put down until the last page.

My friend Edazz handmade this beautiful bracelet for me. She calls it the mermaid bracelet. The stone she use reflects lights from different angle. It makes it so beautiful when the light hits the stone. She also includes mini charms of mermaid on the bracelet which adds more characteristic onto the bracelet. You can purchase this bracelet from here. I have been wearing this bracelet very often. It is always sitting on my console table next to the door. Whenever I'm going out, I will put this on before leaving the house. It's so beautiful that everyone compliments it.

I have pat myself on the back for transforming my kitchen cabinet from the old boring style into luxurious marbled inspired kitchen. All I did was sticking marble vinyl wallpaper onto the cupboard. It sounds like an easy, but it is no joke when you're trying to scrap each wallpaper down to push out all the bubbles. The vinyl also very hard to work with because it comes in a big piece and pretty hard to cut down the exact size as the wallpaper rolled into cylinder shape everytime I straighten it. It's one of my favourite thing for this month since I love to see the new marble look instead of the old red panels.

I have never eaten Godiva ice-cream in my life. One day while passing through, I couldn't help but pick one for myself (and one for the mister). It's sooooooooo good. Although it cost almost RM30 each, I think this indulgence is worth it once awhile. The chocolate is rich and creamy. You can taste it like a melted-chocolate instead of ice cream. If you decided to try one, make sure to order the chocolate ice cream, instead of the vanilla. I don't think it is worth it to get the vanilla because it's Godiva. You might as well make your money worth it by getting the chocolate one.

Recently I received the Mamonde Floral Hydro Cream from the press kit. It has been serving me as night cream pretty well lately. When I woke up I feel my skin is refreshed, well-hydrated and bouncy despite many hours in the aircond. It is not easy to find a night cream that can keep your skin moisturized throughout the night. Although this is not a night cream per se, it does a good job as one. It has a refreshing scent which helps putting me to sleep (I believe). You can read more about it here

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