Jun 19, 2017

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Swatch & Review

If you love colors, you wouldn't resist the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette. Of all the fancy colored eyeshadow palette, I am attracted to this palette the most due to the bright colors and the mixture of texture (matte, shimmer, and satin) and each color family is carefully selected to compliment the other colors in the palette. There is also a balance of warm and cool tone in the palette, so you can definitely create a lot of looks from this palette.

From the first glance, you will notice that the palette is pretty chunky compared to other Urban Decay palettes. It takes up almost 2cm of thickness. It is definitely not a palette which you want to carry when traveling, and that might be a problem if you're a makeup artist on-the-go. I think this is a waste of packaging and it is one of the major downside of the palette. Otherwise, the chunky size compensates with a large mirror inside.

The palette comes with a mini double-ended brush - one side with a flat head to pick up the eyeshadow and another side for blending. I don't fancy brushes that come in an eyeshadow palette, so I have not tried this brush. But I can feel that these brushes aren't going to disappoint you much. They look like the usual full-sized brushes from Urban Decay.

Let's get to the exciting part - the colours!

Alchemy - A burgundy/wine color with shimmer
Gossip - A bubble gum pink with shimmer
Paranoia - A cotton candy pink with shimmer

Warning - A orange with hint of copper with shimmer. This is a very rich color, easy to work with and extremely vibrant.
Seize - A coral orange with pink undertone. The shimmer for this shade is almost non-existent but you can still see it on the palette.
Jones - A yellow-orange sunset shade. It appears to look like gold when applied on the eyelid.

Midnight Blaze - An olive shade with gold shimmer. The color appear to be patchy and hard to blend.
Calavera - A warm yellow with strong pigmentation. It is matte with tiny sparkles which hardly visible when applied.
Goldmine - A light gold and heavily shimmered.

Hundred - A mossy green with gold shimmer. This shade also appears to look patchy.
Hatter - A lime green with faint blue shimmer. It appears to look matte and primer is definitely a must to bring out the vibrant color.
Mean - A fluorescent green with strong shimmer.

Minx - A navy blue with blue shimmer. This is an extremely beautiful color to work for night event.
Blindsided - A sea blue with light blue shimmer.
Metamorphosis - A powder blue with blue shimmer. It is chalky when applied.

Delirious - A plum purple with matte finish. Very chalky and I almost give up swatching it.
Sketch - A satin violet which is very creamy.
Faded - A muted light purple and heavily glittered with silver sparkles. A lot of fall out on this.

Platonic - A gunmetal gray with blue and silver shimmer.
Iced - A warm gray with lots of shimmer and lots of fall out too.
Bump - A true matte white that true to the color of the pan.

On the colors, there are a few duplicates of the exact same color from other palettes, noticeably from the Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass palette (Hatter and Metamorphosis). It is a bummer to see the same shade again, especially on the colors that aren't practical for everyday use.

Overall, the palette is extremely fun to have. If you are creative with colors, you can create a lot of looks with just one palette. I don't think you should miss out the fun if you love eyeshadows. However, if you doubt that you are going to use it, the price may not be justifiable. It is quite pricey for a palette that you're not going to use often.

So do you think you will get this palette?

Available at Sephora. Price RM265. 

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