Aug 13, 2017

Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick Eyeshadow & Flower Pop Blush

You must have notice that I have not been updating makeup reviews as much as I used to. That is because almost nothing interests me anymore. When I receive the Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick quad eyeshadow and Flower Pop Blusher, it is like a breath of fresh air. I couldn't wait to go home and try out the products. It was the sweetest thing I've seen for a long time.

I received the Rosy Road quad eyeshadow and Camellia blush. The combination creates a very sweet and young look. I was convinced that I could do a Korean teenager celeb look. But first, let's go through the swatches.

The pigmentation is average, which is good for Asian skin tone. Also, the finish is shimmer and satin which look prominent even though the pigmentation is average. I really love the top right shade, which I use as highlighter on my cheek as well.

The color of the blush on the pan was quite fierce, but when applied, it is very subtle. For a darker shade, you can layer the blush and blend it out to achieve the gradient effect. I really love the blush because it is so easy and versatile to work with.

This is the basic makeup sweet look I achieved the Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick eyeshadow and Flower Pop blush. It took me less than 15 minutes. I never thought I could pull off a pink eyeshadow, but I think this look is pretty good on me.

Recently Mamonde opens its 6th beauty counter in Malaysia at Parkson KLCC. The store features the concept of 'Journey to the Flowers' aims to improve customers' experience when visiting the boutique so that they're able to immerse themselves in the vitality and beauty of flowers which are used in Mamonde's products. At the counter, you can find the Signature Flower Zone, where you can learn about flowers, Scent Zone where you can experience Mamonde's aromatic flowers and DIY Fun Zone where you can customize your own makeup pouch and postcards.

If you're at KLCC for shopping, remember to drop by the Mamonde's beauty counter located inside Parkson.  

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