Sep 9, 2017

Cleansing Brush Comparison: Mary Kay vs. Clarisonic

I enjoy writing product comparison posts because I know it helps some of you to get clearer picture of the two similar products. I hope you too, enjoy reading the posts. This round I am comparing two beauty tools that do the exact same thing - cleansing brushes.

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I get a lot of questions whether the Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush is comparable to the Clarisonic Brush. My answer is always........ depends. It really depends what you are looking for and what is your priority. I am breaking down all these factors that might differentiate the two brands. For the purpose of this discussion, I am focusing on the Clarisonic SmartProfile model which I own.

Mary Kay
Clarisonic (SmartProfile)
Including a set of batteries and two replacement brush
RM1,190 (SmartProfile)
RM729 (Mia 2)
One type only
A few variants - SmartProfile, Mia, Mia 2, Alpha, Alpha Fit
Brush head size
Small (5cm diameter). Easy to reach out to the side of the nose and chin.
Large (8cm diameter). Large brush area which difficult to reach out to the side of nose, underneath the nose and chin area.
Brush head replacement
RM50 for 2 brush head
RM100+ for 1 brush head
Battery operation
Battery operated. Size AA. Lasts 2 months of daily cleansing.
Using charging port. Each charging takes 3-4 hours, only lasted 3 weeks of daily cleansing.
Small handle, easier to hold during cleansing and to be carried around when traveling.
Large handle. Traveling with it can be a hassle due to the large size. It takes up a lot of luggage space.
Basic cleansing brush which is easy to operate.
It has a few functions. The auto function is a plug-in-and-use, which is user-friendly. The other functions such as body and manual mode are extremely confusing to operate. It keeps switching to the auto mode.
Special features
Manual button for turbo mode to increase the brush spinning speed.
Auto cleansing mode with timing. Different speed programmed on different areas of the face.
Hassle free. Cheap replacement brush. Battery operated, which can be replaced anytime.
Expensive replacement brush and Sephora seems to run out of stock all the time. Requires charging after 3 weeks use. Charging takes a long time.

Clarisonic was a huge brand among YouTube beauty gurus. It appears on all the influencer's timeline and almost every celebrity has it. Suddenly this year, no one talks about. I feel like it was a big thing only during their campaign period. Now that the trend has died down, no one is promoting it anymore. If it is a genuine good product and value for money, people would promote it for free despite whether or not it is a hot product.

I personally regret getting the Clarisonic SmartProfile. I feel like I bought it because of the massive influence from YouTube. It is very costly and hard to operate. The reason why I bought the Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush because I couldn't find the replacement brush for the Clarisonic and my brush was molding. Sephora told me it was out of stock everytime I go to the store. Even online Sephora runs out of it. With the price of the brush (RM130+), I decided I could buy a new facial brush and opted for Mary Kay one. At that time, it was only RM180. After I experience the Mary Kay, I really love it. It's a basic cleansing brush, easy to operate, works well and unpretentious.

Currently I am ditching my Clarisonic for the Mary Kay. I'm not sure what do you think. Which one would you go for? A - An international brand that is famous for its cleansing brush? or B - A basic cleansing brush that does the job equally good for a quarter of the price? Let me know... 

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