Sep 10, 2017

[Haul] Stationery & Planner Stuff

In my August favourites post I did mention that I am into art & journaling now. The journaling hobby is really not cheap. Typically, you only need pen and a good journal. Because I'm the type that get drawn to pretty designs, I also invested a lot in stickers, washi tapes, die cuts and quote cards.

In this haul, there are three places I got my supply from - Popular Bookstore, Mr. DIY & Wanderlust Things (online).

Popular Bookstore

I love strolling in bookstore. From Popular, I got my basic supplies which are Luna color pencil from Staedtler, Stabilo color pens, and a bullet journal from Unicorn. The Luna pencil color is the most reliable pencil color or all brands. I have tried Faber Castle and Swan both are quite disappointing. The Stabilo color pens are probably the cheapest color pen you can get. It only cost RM39.80 for 20 colors. Lastly, I got a basic bullet journal from Unicorn for only RM29.90. It is not obvious from my photos, but the journal pages are dotted just like other expensive bullet journal. I use this journal as my doodle journal. Do follow me on Instagram @queenjerine for my #3stepsdoodle for a guide on how to draw simple things.


Who would have thought that Mr. DIY has stationery? I always thought that Mr. DIY only sells hardware and home improvement things. But the also have a section dedicated to pretty stationery! They're pretty cheap as well. On average it costs about RM6.90 for a sticker book. However, the quality isn't the best, especially those with gold foil. The gold foil tend to rub off easily.

  1. 3 sheets sticker pack. I got one set for summer theme and another motivational quotes theme.
  2. Sticker booklet with gold foil. Also, one with summer theme and another one with motivational quotes.
  3. Single sheet sticker with gold foil letters and another one with positive statements.
  4. Scrapbook paper with gold foil designs. 
  5. Gift tags.
  6. Quote cards. 

Wanderlust Things

Lastly, from Wanderlust Things online store are pre-ordered journal from LoveDoki. This will be my play/creative journal. Lots of washi tapes with tiles design, makeup stickers & water brush are also in my stash.

  1. LoveDoki journal in A6 size. This journal is HUGE which is great for creative work. I plan to make this into my visual diary where I will put in photos, inspirational quotes, etc. Can't wait to fill it in.
  2. Washi tapes - I am a washi addict since college. I can't seem to have enough of washi tapes. These new tiles design washi tapes are going to be great for deco on the side of my pages. 
  3. Water brush is probably one of the best stationery ever invented. I don't have to go back and forth to change my water color water. All I need is to damp the brush by pressing the body of the brush and voila... it will turn my pencil color into water color. 
  4. You all know how much I love my makeups. This makeup sticker is so cute! It has all my favourite beauty products in it!

I'm not sure if Malaysia has any planner addict as gung-ho as I am. Are you a planner addict? Let me know so we can exchange some stickers! 


Maya said...

Wohoo... Good read. Joined the contest. Hopefully i will be chosen as the winner

Tasha C said...

i'm still waiting for your travel journal part 2

Jerine said...

Hi Tasha, Can't continue the Part 2 at this moment. Ready for election, cannot go out of country 😪

rahmah omar said...

Thanks for sharing!! Sticker planner addicts here... Been buying my stash from Do share more on the planner stuff. Yesterday just bought washi tape at daiso. Still searching for other design... Lol

seoexpert said...

This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. It is the old what goes around comes around routine.